Sweden should also get Gripen C

Ahh yea no, not gonna fall for that.

Gripen C has better engine,better avionics,better RWR,more hardpoints for ground ordinance and HMD.

All of them makes huge difference in terms of gameplay especially better RWR and HMD makes huge difference at air Rb and ground rb.

This is just spitting in our face by simply lying to us, at least admit what you’re doing and accept that JAC39C is better platform in the first place.


What exactly do you mean “first major update of 2024”?
Like the 1st update of 2024 or possibly 3-6 months after the brits already has it?

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I’d be fine with next patch, mid-january at the latest. That’s the least they could do.

The one aircraft that we supposedly knew was coming this update the JAS-39C, every reasonable person figured okay it will come to sweden because oh I don’t know it’s a swedish aircraft, and then now, when we get the trailer and then the dev stream we are told ye no the Brits are getting the C you get the A which you will have for 3 months when more bonkers aircraft are added to different nations.

“Oh but we did not say it would come for sweden hurr durr” Oh close your mouth, If the 39C isn’t coming to sweden it sure as hell should not be coming to the brits (SA) either.


And this is just no, it still has F-16 like performance with 6x Aim-9Ms

In that case, when will other nations get gripens. Such as the hungarian jas 39c as a refence?

Bring it down to 11.3 and remove the 9M’s it never used IRL or give us Gripen C.

Or make it early AMRAAM exclusive or something, anything. Don’t leave Sweden hanging like this for over 3 months

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Just give us the C. You’ve done the work. You’ve been fucking Sweden players over for years at this point, just do us this base courtesy.


This answer is nothing but a putting more salt into wound.

They are basically admitting that they will force to us grind another Gripen just to get what has been promised to us.

@Smin1080p Sorry but this answer is not gonna cut it.

You cant just expect to people accept this such a nonsense, we’ve been waiting for JAS39C for almost 2 years and in return you guys screwing us.


“with both variants having very similar loadouts, being almost identical in many areas.”

The JAS39A and JAS39C are not “almost identical” at all. Judging by how you claim them to be so “similar” and “almost identical”, it makes it seem like you’re not going to be giving us a Historically accurate JAS39 anytime soon?

So, we’re not getting a historically accurate JAS39? All of them had AIM120s, and none of them had AIM9Ms OR RB71s.

And it doesn’t make it better that the UK is getting a JAS39C. It’s the “same thing”, but you’re giving them HMD, better engine better RWR, more Missile pylons, better radar. Solves A LOT of problems with the JAS39A. How will the 39A even be somewhat competitive?

Pretty much everything that comes with this update (except for the Mirage 4000) crushes it. The F15s have competitive radar missiles, more missiles overall, and better energy retention, the SU-27 has WAY better missiles than the JAS39A, It has HMD, Better energy retention ETC.

Keep in mind that the JAS39A is an aircraft made to be able to both do dogfighting and BVR, yet Gaijin is forcing it into a light fighter, dogfighting role? There’s absolutely NO CAPABILITY FOR BVR unless you feel like being completely crushed by missiles is way better suited for BVR than the RB71. keep in mind that the JAS39A is not getting HMD, thus it will be inferior to pretty much everything at it’s BR in a dogfight

Gaijin is quite literally making the JAS39 something it never has been and never was made to be
feels very similar to how the viggen was treated


I think this is entirely why.

This decision results in 2 things:

  1. more people playing Britain
  2. more Britain premiums being sold

Everyone who was prepping Sweden is now going to have to go to another TT


Which would have happened anyway if they just gave us a sea harrier with AMRAAMs as the first aircraft with AMRAAMs.

You mean like the 2A6 for Germany?

Yep, it’s nice to have gotten a dogfighter for Britain. But I’d been just as happy with the FA2 (depending on where else AMRAAM went) . And this implementation of the Gripen C is bitter sweet. Not too mention the questions about how badly modeled it’s going to be based upon their statements today.

So at least one good thing is that Britain will suffer with a badly modeled Gripen C for 3 months and it will be fixed before Sweden get it. But the usual Britain mains won’t have the same kind of access for bug reporting that they’ve had for the Tornado, Harrier, etc


the only way i’d be SOMEWHAT understanding is if they confirmed RIGHT NOW that the JAS 39C WILL come with RB99.
That would make waiting 3 fricking months for it a bit more bearable

still wouldn’t fix the performance discrepancy between the 39A and 39C this update though. that will have to be addressed either way.

Be nice if Britain mains (I main Brit/Swe/Fra) would kick up a fuss about it alongside the Swede players.

they are not happy about this either from what i can tell

From what I’ve seen, this fellow in our thread is the only one making a fuss over it.

We are. After just as long as being screwed over by Gaijin. Britian sees Sweden as a brother in this neglect. So this is total BS.

A lot of it is over in this thread at the moment:

but with support in other threads too


Ah, didn’t check that one. Anyone know if the content creator folk might make a fuss on it? Shit needs to be acted on.