Sweden should also get Gripen C

JAS 39A and C are vastly different @Smin1080p, HMD, better RWR, TWO MORE PYLONS FOR MISSILES, and a BETTER RADAR. makes them vastly different platforms. they arent simmilar at all.


Appreciate you not ignoring us, but man… Next major update

That’s many months away. That’s the worst case scenario we were expecting anyways.
I’m sorry but that’s not good news at all.


why was the JAS39A not added before this update then and add all the C’s at the same time?


So, the Gripen C is going to be modeled incorrectly then?


Not acceptable. Add it in 2023 just like you’re doing for the UK.


what about the Gripen C for Hungary?


The C will most likely without a doubt come to Sweden so i think we should just sit and wait :) I think this is good because now there is more room for the C and E in the future to come. Doubt the A and C will be at the same BR also.

It will come to Sweden

Yeah no. We should have got it first, the least they can do is give it to us the same time as others if they aren’t going to be fair about it.


I support this Smin1080p as a Swedish main this is the way to go!

more grind =/= better

I main Sweden and i believe this is the right choice, A first then C, its basicly confirmed and this way there is more room for improvement and other aircrafts, all need to calm down :) I also have a hard time thinking the A model will be at the same BR so it might be a win win.

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I main Sweden, Britain, and France. I think you’re delusional.


There are major improvements on the C Gripen, it’s not just “HMD” like stated in the dev stream. They are underplaying it like crazy.

The C Gripen was the platform they worked/updated the most, it’s their flagship. It’s Sweden’s pride. And it’s going to UK.

A Gripen A would’ve been an appropriate 11.3-11.7(at most) jet for an event or something.

Had us waiting 2 years. The first year was okay, but waiting all of 2023 seeing jet after jet being added to other nations even surpassing the Gripen A in capability, we figured at least we would get blessed with the Gripen C at the very least, honestly it should’ve been added with a cool new missile or something considering the monstrosities we’ll be facing that are the F15’s and Su27’s.


If they are so vastly similar (They’re not) to you then why can’t we have one in the swedish tree too? F-16s all came in 400 hundred different nations. So why can’t the Gripen C come in two. One of which being it’s country of origin…


yeah no this is unacceptable.
its either ONLY the A now for both nation(aka only for Sweden) but that wouldn’t be great because the Brits would be left hanging once again
the A and the C with the C being added for both nations.
or add only the C for both nations and add the A later with a worse loadout so you dont have to change it now.
Either way, your plan is not it.


or you know do it like the F-16 Early folder and have the C under the A since according to Smin and the Devs they are so similar, 3000 tone deaf responses of gaijin


Now this is bootlicking. Sweden hasn’t gotten a new airframe in TWO YEARS, and we finally get the long awaited JAS39, only for it to be a worse version than the British TT version? Are you serious? If they were so similar it didn’t matter, than give Sweden the C model. It lacking pylons, HMD, possibly RWR and radar differences is ridiculous. The BR argument doesn’t mater, As 12.0 will be funneled into 12.3/12.7 lobbies for eternity anyway so there is NO benefit to having a lesser version of the Gripen.


The BR for the Gripen A need to be lowered, 11.3 would be good

Again, I’d like to remind everyone next major update is in over 3 months. Smin confirmed the worst case scenario. This isn’t over.


Tell you what, give us the Gripen E, and we’ll shut up about the C.

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