Sweden should also get Gripen C

Yep, it’s nice to have gotten a dogfighter for Britain. But I’d been just as happy with the FA2 (depending on where else AMRAAM went) . And this implementation of the Gripen C is bitter sweet. Not too mention the questions about how badly modeled it’s going to be based upon their statements today.

So at least one good thing is that Britain will suffer with a badly modeled Gripen C for 3 months and it will be fixed before Sweden get it. But the usual Britain mains won’t have the same kind of access for bug reporting that they’ve had for the Tornado, Harrier, etc


the only way i’d be SOMEWHAT understanding is if they confirmed RIGHT NOW that the JAS 39C WILL come with RB99.
That would make waiting 3 fricking months for it a bit more bearable

still wouldn’t fix the performance discrepancy between the 39A and 39C this update though. that will have to be addressed either way.

Be nice if Britain mains (I main Brit/Swe/Fra) would kick up a fuss about it alongside the Swede players.

they are not happy about this either from what i can tell

From what I’ve seen, this fellow in our thread is the only one making a fuss over it.

We are. After just as long as being screwed over by Gaijin. Britian sees Sweden as a brother in this neglect. So this is total BS.

A lot of it is over in this thread at the moment:

but with support in other threads too


Ah, didn’t check that one. Anyone know if the content creator folk might make a fuss on it? Shit needs to be acted on.

A few tech mods in that thread have spoken up about the Gripen C having SARH. That is only thing i’ve seen so far. But Im expecting to see more after the actual dev blog

doubt it, they prob want to keep their privileges and if they kick up a fuss they might lose em

not only that. its what the Swedish airforce is using RIGHT NOW. and GB gets it before us. UNACCEPTABLE


Yeah, this is like Giving 1/3 nation the Typhoon and not the other 2. I can only imagine the pain of this decision


the A could have been a decent 11.3 premium to help people grind for Sweden but nope, added now as a roadblock to the C for when that comes just like with the viggens
I would like to note if this was done the A would be even more inaccurate but still

Based upon what i’ve seen of the Gripen A. Could have come to the TT 6+ months ago without any issue. But just with 9Ls. Upgraded to 9Ms if needed in Sep


The only reason not to add it then would have been AMRAAM. But shit don’t have AMRAAM.

Gaijins decisions seem so damn illogical, they even said the A and C as similar, then why not pull an F-16ADF and add it along the A, and just folder them since according to them they are so similar, the people that make decisions seem overly disconnected from the community that it pains me


Yeah. that was always the assumption. That they were totally unsure about IR only or SARH for Gripen A. So opted for Gripen C this update (like for Britain with 9Ms mostly) or with ARH. Im just totally confused by the delay on the Gripen A now.

Britains lack of anything Is very annoying, but has a thin justification. Sweden on the other hand… had something


The engines are slightly better too. This entire patch is cow feces so far.

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It’s bad screwing over a nation like this - similar to the MIG29G situation where Germany got the vastly better MIG29 instead of USSR

But doing it to a Nation that’s been waiting for 2 years and have nothing else? That’s a low blow.


I disagree that the 29smt is vastly inferior to the mig29g, at least the smt has advantages over the 29g. The ja39c is just better than the a.

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The SMT is a brick compared to the G