Sukhoi Su-27/30/33/35/37 Flanker series & Su-34 Fullback - History, Design, Performance & Dissection

have imgs?

I don’t have photos, but I definitely saw information about it

In this case if both planes got almost equal characteristics what is the point of producing Su-30SM2 and Su-35S simultaneously?

I think there are reasons for this that I don’t know about.


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They got improved Bars

Navy loves two-seaters

Why just don’t unificate them in engines, radar and etc? And produce only one plane in single and twin seat version.

You would have to unificate factories at first. Su-35 is KnAAZ, Su-30 is Irkut. If just drop Su-30 production, Su-35 production won’t increase.


Is it correct that SU-33 never got R-77?


The R-27EM does have the same seeker as R-77 doesn’t it? Should it be possible to use the R-27EM against air targets?

Doesnt it just a enchanced seeker 27ER?
A lot of resources states that enchanced seeker, for better intercept of sea skimming targets?

It should be quite a bit different from ER.

Yes it is.

It should be for Air target but not much info about the primary target it will be used again.

Production number also unknown.

IIRC there was an image of Su-35UB with R-27EA and R-27ER


R-27EA is not quite the same as EM either.

I thought there was no SU-35 variant with canards. I see no tailhook so it likely is not SU-33.
Perhaps SU-30?

No it doesn’t

That’s all R-27ER mockups

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Can it be used against air targets?

If it existed in something more than prototypes of seeker, yes

It should be a service missile on SU-33…