Sukhoi Su-27/30/33/35/37 Flanker series & Su-34 Fullback - History, Design, Performance & Dissection

The second video is real. However, without knowing the configuration, weight, exact type of aircraft, atmospheric conditions, etc. you cannot compare the performance in the game and reality

You can definitely compare, there generally doesn’t seem to be a realistic weight in-game where the aircraft would perform as well as the one seen in the footage.

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I don’t know the weight, armament, engines, atmospheric conditions, airframe condition. I can’t tell much from these two videos, except that the HUD markings are a bit different.

he did it with the su27 using min fuel and couldn’t match the numbers…that should say something, unless the su27sm is extremely light in comparison to the su27s… i think that even if he removed the missiles and still had min fuel, that wouldn’t make him achieve the same numbers as in the real video

Afaik the SM3 has an extra pair of wing pylons. Don’t know about the SM-Null, SM1 and SM2 though

SM3 has two more pylons than the current Su-27S in-game and SM. SM2 doesn’t exist.

SM3 spotted with the additional 2 pylons



Turn piloting technique, G level. WT is a game, it does not simulate well any jet aircraft.

What’s that on the wingtip station? ECM pod?


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It look more like the HUD of Su-27U dogfight with another Su-27PU in a practice fight.
The HUD also show that the radar being jammed.

@FeetPics made another video, sharing his opinions and doing some more tests and comparisons with the su27, in case anyone wants to see…

Try it without missiles

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SM2 more or less became what Su-35 is, Russia chose Su-27SM3 at the time because it was cheaper iirc (prolly wrong though, just guessing since that’s what happened with T-72B2 and B3)

Forgot to show fellow Flanker fans, just the other day scored an 8 kill game in under 1 minute and 20 seconds. The Flanker is the only aircraft I have scored the most 8 kill games in a single update now the fastest killing.

Let me know if anyone has beat my time record! I am going to shoot lower in the Chinese Flanker next.


Crazy stuff, i managed to get some rare games with ~8 kills but not that fast lmao

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Also, I got a maneuver kill too lol made a guy that was chasing me in his flanker rip in a max alpha, high G turn toward the sea. I think he tried to roll instead of only using pitch @1:22