Suggestion:China Mig-23MC and maybe Q-6

Last century,China use some goods and weapons to exchange some russian things from Egypt.And inside these things,one is russian sold to Egypt Mig-23MC.
China then deep learn from this jet,and get the techonology of Variable sweep wing and other important designs such as Variable intake port that is used later on J-8 series.And this jet also tested fly in PLA air has PLA symbol on it.
“In the 1960s and 1970s, before the R&D of Q-6, the China replaced a batch of MiG-23MC with a batch of weapons and equipment from Egypt, and studied its Variable-sweep wing mechanism. Nanchang Aircraft Manufacturing Factory (Hongdu Aviation), the only aircraft manufacturer in China with experience in the manufacture of assault aircraft, decided, at the insistence of Lu Xiaopeng, the chief designer of Qiang-5, to build on the MiG-23MC, Develop a single engine, single seat supersonic strike aircraft as a common successor to the J-5 and J-6, and name it the Q-6. Q-6 plans to use the first mass produced turbofan engine in the China at that time - turbofan-6 (WS-6). In terms of specific development goals, the aircraft has a maximum weapon load of 4500kg and a Radius of action of 900km. The design performance is superior to the MiG-23.”
“At the end of the 1980s, because the military believed that the Variable-sweep wing layout was not the mainstream of future combat aircraft, in addition to the various technical problems that the aircraft itself had not been able to solve ,and at the same time as the development of Q-6 began but the development progress was faster than that of Q-6,the Xi’an JH-7 Fighter-bomber of Xi’an Aircraft Manufacturing Factory, whose model performance was better than that of Q-6, flew for the first time in 1988, the Q-6 development plan has actually been canceled .”
“The Q-6 uses a turbofan 6 (WS-6) aviation engine, with a maximum military thrust of 71 kN, a maximum afterburner thrust of 122 kN, and a thrust to weight ratio of 5.93. In 1983, China developed the WS-6G engine based on this engine, with an afterburner thrust of 138 kN and a thrust to weight ratio of 7. From the perspective of indicators, this is already at the same level as the main engines F100 (used for F-15) and AF-31 (used for Su-27 series fighter jets) of the US and Russian Air Force at that time.”
In history,Mig-23MC is the export version of Russian Mig-23M,with poorer radar Sapphire 21.It can also use R-23R R-23T R60M missiles.So,basically same as Mig-23M now in game,but dont know whether it can fire R-24R R-24T .
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Add Mig-23MC to China is a good idea,especially if J-7E and J-8B get PL-8 and go to br 11.3.Gaijin really need to take this suit suggestion .

As a fan of MiG-23 this looks so cool. Pitty that it was canceled.

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