Su25 bm is another prime example of why ground and air brs need to be seperate

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yeah i will stop useless talking about it, i can tell you nobody will use this useless thread.

A-7K is 11.0 because of air RB. It’d still be 11.0 for air RB.
Su-25BM has worse ground loadouts than Su-25T & Mig-27M. Its BR would still be 11.3 for air RB.
There’s no reason to separate ground & air BRs.

thats a blind statement if i ever heard one. fact of the matter is, BR is decided upon capability in the gamemode (which is why we have different BR’s in AB, RB and SB). hence by that same logic, Air and Ground capabilities are different and hence deserve a seperate BR.

im not even gonna start about modification based BR’s

So you’d make P51H5NA 4.0 in ground RB cause it’s not CAS?
Even tho it’s perfectly fine at 6.3 for ground RB?
Sub-25BM 10.3 cause it can’t do as well as the 10.3 A-10s even tho it’s still fine at 11.3? Just not a Tornado IDS or Mig-27K.
There are flat out not enough aircraft that would have separate BRs for ground & air to warrant the feature.

BRs based on modifications means loadouts are restricted before we hit to battle.
Imagine going into battle and being stuck with bombs
It’d ruin player experience.

All your “problems” are solved by BR decompression.

it has a pretty extensive Air=ground loadout so i dont know what you mean…

well see heres the thing, it is not fine. speed and map size for one and airframe limitations. id much rather have the R-73 removed and play at 10.3 than sit like a bomber for 10 minutes before i reach a base or get a missile up my ass.
dont even try to compare the mig 27k or the tornado to this. you know the biggest defense of a jet is its speed. thats why jets were invented in the first place.
and speed is relative. hence the su25 platform like the A-10 platform is very vunerable due to being so slow. if they added an 11.3 A-10, the americans would also be crying. its simply not made for such a BR.

some adjustments aside, by modifications i meant unlocked modifications. although if you thought choice of loadouts to determine BR, thats an interesting proposition.

well gaijin hasnt proven themselves very capable at that.

Yet we’ve had 0.7 BRs of decompression in less than 8 months for ground.
So clearly they’re capable of it.

And no, I didn’t thinking of loadout BR, because that would ruin player experience.

i meant capability as in effectiveness of action not just action.

ah ok. you said restricting loadouts so i got that impression

Decompression takes time, and all those ideas just add to the time as they waste time away from decompressing while being even more useless once things are decompressed.

I believe dynamic BRs need to be given to certain vehicles on a case by case basis, so I agree with the OP.

we have to accept that in a matter as complicated as this there is no one perfect solution. hence trying out ideas rather than jumping into one head on is foolhardy at worst and lucky at best.

Aye. Stock vehicles should either be at least a full 1.0 BR under their stated BR, or start off with all repair and armament modifications unlocked, only needing to research mobility ones.

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Yea, game is just new, should really give it some more time for Gaijin to iron out the compression issues at top tier

…which have been in the game since 2013.

You can quite literally search posts about decompression back to the release of the game until now. Decompression takes time? Dude, they literally don’t give a damn

2013 didn’t have the BR system.
And a lot of the compression issues came after more modern jets were added, and that’s also around the time that ground compression started indicating.
& based on the experiences of players, it seems that 8.7 ground is still slightly too compressed.

I’m well aware there was no BR system in 2013 but instead they just used tiers. Regardless, their top tier was jets stomping on props… compression at the higher BRs has been an issue since the start of WT, it’s nothing new so don’t act like “they need time bro” because that’s really not the issue.

Right after they introduced BR’s in update… dunno, 1.3x something, people started the 0.7 BR spread discussion which has been ongoing ever since. Then when they added ground, people wanted separate BRs for ground and air because some planes where too over/undertiered due to their performance across game modes.

These discussions have been as old as the game.

They. don’t. care. at. all.