Su-27 is massively lacking

Let’s face it. SB EC is played 5m above GND. Su-27 is a joke in the current Meta. Falls out of the air after one turn, even with SAS. R-27R don’t hit anything flying below 100m above ground, R-73 and R-27T are being easily distracted by flares. What do? Guess I’ll go back clubbing with F-16C lol.


Yeah definitely.

10 of the best missiles in game on fast as shit jet is so “lacking”…


I agree colleague, I imagine that the su27 will receive the same treatment that the mig29 had when it arrived, being broken and underperforming, being repaired as time passes


The Su-27 isn’t “massively lacking” in comparison to anything else. It still has 10 very good missiles and the flight model is still better than the MiG-29.

There are three main issues that I have with the Su-27 currently;

  1. The radar is not very good for detecting targets. This is pretty much across the board for other radars in the game as well. Using the radar as a look-down radar is not as good as similar radars were in previous patch. This means only really viable play style is flying on the deck and using the radar to look up for other players sitting in space…or using 27ER to third party any dogfight that gets above the deck.

  2. The plane loses a lot of speed in a turn. The plane has high initial turn rate but when compared to something like the Gripen or F-16 it falls apart in a dogfight; something like Gripen or F-16 are able to maintain higher initial turn rates for orders of magnitude longer than the Su-27.

  3. The plane has fairly poor low speed control. Even if you count the plane as a gimmicky AoA missile boat…even at low speeds it’s basically uncontrollable on manual mode…whereas something like the F-16A/C and F-15 are very controllable…meaning that high AoA ability of technically inferior planes ends up being more useful than the Flanker just floundering around in manual mode.




Hardly, you don’t even need to point the nose, just let the F-15s and friends overshoot and then look and send an R-73. If you don’t have skill issue you will have the R-73 off the rails well before the target is far enough to have flares be effective against its IRCCM. Plus you get to force everyone to the deck or they eat R-27Es with no counterplay.


Flight model is worse than Mig-29G currently, and even worse than Mig-29SMT.


Awww thats to bad it must be so hard to gunfight other jets…

In what regards?

Yet if you try to make a bug report and mention the in-game value, they’ll reject the entire post simply because it is datamined, even if it is what the game uses. What are we supposed to mention in these reports if we cant use the value the game uses?


Well it just feels odd when I loose half my speed with SAS mode on in a 180 turn. Idk

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Didn’t fly the Su27 yet, but the Mig29 flight model wasn’t like this, and after an update it became like this, and dogfigting an F-16 became imposible. Before the FM change, the F-16 was already better if you knew how to fly it, avoiding turning at too much speed, but after that, no more dogfights in the Mig29


I like how people cope by saying “Well actually it got 10 missles so flight performance can be bad🤓” my guys, if its overperforming it should be put higher br and not artificially nerfed when it didn’t have such poor flight irl, king of big jets aoe cant pull one is silly and saying it have good missle so it should be bad flight performance doesn’t make any sense


Yes its a skill issue.

If you think it’s horrible to fly at low speed with those airplanes… don’t try the Mirage 2000c S4/5 🤣🤣

It feels like an F-16 with air breaks deployed during the dogfight.

Stuck between a rock and a hard place. Best currently used to send R-27ER over long distances and run.


It’s funny because that’s how you would actually use a modern jet

M2000 with a Delta wing it’s supposed to bleed energy really fast … and last time I flew the Mig29, it bleeded energy faster than the delta wings … was weird.

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The Mirage 2000 might unironically be better than the Su-27 in a dogfight.

In DCS it sure as hell is.