Stuck with full American teams

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What BR you play at?

Just minor nation things. You get used to it.

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I’ll take your brain dead US top tier and raise you Lobotomised German top tier

Generally 11.3 (I keep the mk4m out for a chance to face 10.3)

Yeah its full of M1A1 AIM players most of them are other nation mains so i don’t think they will do good with an Abrams.

Absolutely, they’re more concerned about shooting at friendlys and ramming into them than actually playing the game.

Not really, USA vehicles are bad and pretty much every person with 2 brain cell moved nation, so most of the time you get bad players with bad vehicles.

Wait What? ka-52 with a10a late?? first of all you’re playing against every other nation at 11.7? but atleast you mentioned “bad vehicles”, most of them are premium players so don’t expect anything than holding W i mean every other nation premium player is as bad as a US premium player.

Nah fam, america has good veichles. The players though…