STRV122B+ Additional turret armor model error

Taking into account Perspective distortion, the turret model in the game should be wrong.
The width of the 122 car body without additional armor is approximately 3.75 meters.
As you can see in the real photos, the turret with IBD armor added is basically as wide as the car body, slightly narrower.
In the 122b+ photo taken from the front, you can see the inner gap of the smoke grenade protective cover on the side of the turret. This means that the armor on both sides of the ready ammunition rack behind the turret is parallel instead of converging inward as in the game.(Picture 2)
In my screenshots, I used NVIDIA’s own screenshot software to modify the camera angle. You can’t see the gap in the smoke launcher protective cover in the game.(Picture 1)
Considering the focal length of the lens in reality, the 122 additional armor model in the game is done wrong. You can never capture the side of an object that is about 3.7M wide in front and narrow in back.

In picture 4, you can see that the gap in the smoke grenade protective cover is close to the turret.

(Some descriptions may not be accurate because of the use of translation software. I don’t know how to describe it specifically and accurately.)