Strela-10m2 all the time without passive detection and photo contrast

Almost a year has passed and the developers have forgotten about the vehicle.
Without passive detection, it’s hard to spot any aircraft.
I only find out when it blows up my ally, or by some miracle I see or hear it.
Likewise the range lock on is pathetic.
Helicopters - ~1km and planes without AB enabled ~2km.
Will someone do something about this?


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It is a great pity

Are there any updates on this issue?

It’s especially hilariously bad when you compare it to Ozelot that has no problems locking onto planes AND HELIS at 6km range and farther, even through thick cloud cover! And likes to ignore flares (which Strela absolutely loves). I’ve actually been shot down by an Ozelot when flying some 5km above battlefield above deep clouds. He shouldn’t have even known I was there, much less locked on-to me. All that moisture should be masking an IR signature.

Otoh, as you rightly pointed out Strela can’t lock onto helis even at 1.5km. Pathetic. Seriously, Gaijin, why introduce something into the game that doesn’t work?

Only way to get any result is to only go for planes and wait for them to pass you by and start climbing sharply.


Likewise why didn’t they add passive detection in strela10m2 almost a year ago. And when ozelot came out it got irst right away.

@Gunjob is there any updates about this? and PC ofc too