Stop neglecting top tier US

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Totally agree, +1 for a fix to the US.

People in this forum still doesn’t get that when people say “Buff the Abrams” they mean fix the big issue its suffering from.


Do we really need multiple posts about how bad the USA is at a single BR? Only in ground too.

Better than it being undertiered in GRB.


They have not neglected the US top tier. Honestly its just the player base. People buy premiums not knowing how to play. They rush in get killed and leave, or they respawn rush in and die multiple times. The other days top tier premium tank guy runs in to cap point, points capped and he dies, spawns in an F-4 flys back to cap to revenge nosedives into the ground then leaves. He has one cap and no kills 2 deaths. none of that was from the vehicles issues. This is why the win rate for US top tier is the lowest.


It also might have to do with the USA facing Russia and Germany all the time, from what I’ve heard. It wouldn’t be good for winrates to be facing 2 of the best nations all the time.

Again that has nothing to do with the vehicles in the game. All vehicles can be killed, but if over half your team leaves after one kill, or just hold W and get killed its the player base not the tanks they are using your team will always loose.

Ive been in matches where i got 2 kills then get killed and then go in to spawn in a plane and there are 5 people left on my team and the other team has only lost 2 people. People on my team 1 death leaves or 3 deaths leaves in a very shot period of time.

I took a T26E1-1 super pershing into a 10.3 battle killed 3 T80’s before being killed. its not the tanks at high br that is the issue.


A-10 got a good buff with the TV guided AGM-65B/D, now it locks easily, but for ground we need a decompression, not only involving US ground but everyone else.

Should I tell you?

At least from my experience, US is most of the time is teamed with USSR while Germany most goes with China, Sweden, Italy and times to times Britain and France.

Germany and Russia have top tier premiums as well and don’t face this problem (or at least this bad)
Russia is first, Germany 2nd (while also having over 60% WR)

USA is the third one.
So no this is not Skill Issue this is vehicle underperformance issue…

Win Rate





we can agree to disagree

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So US vehicles underperforming is fine for you? alright then…

Honestly, if they fix the dumb unrealistic turret ring weakspot on the Abrams, the tanks themselves will be fine.

The #1 problem is the playerbase. All people who hype about their Abrams being the strongest tank in the world, invincible, etc etc etc. they start the game and immediately buy a Click bait/KVT/AIM and then fail all over the place and 1 death leave every game.

Since Germany and Russia both got prems at the same BR last patch its gotten a bit better, but theres still way more click baits and its specifically the USA who has that overly patriotic fanatic fanbase with their military vehicles.

If you put a 12.7 plane in your lineup to get away from the click baits, the gameplay does improve noticably.


Underperforming much, suuure
The issue are US players,not the tanks.


I don’t think your title is specific enough.

It should really say “Stop neglecting top tier US ground forces

Remember guys USA isn’t the problem.

Its JuSt The ClicKbAiTs

Yes I’m just now getting back into Germany and I just unlocked this vehicle but this is sad.


Because usa players are much more unskilled than any other nation. +, Don’t forget about “people” who bring m22 to toptier.


Top Tier U.S is spiralling since they’ve convinced themselves the Abrams is useless.


remember one of the issues isnt armor in the lower front plate


People who bring M22 to Top Tier are the experienced ones meming. Stats don’t always represent how experienced someone is. Experience also comes in different blends and forms from those who play defensively, ones who play in the auxiliary role and others who play protect the President aka squads.

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The Bradley is a significantly better tank destroyer than the BMP-2M, BMP-2M is a better flanking light vehicle. They both have their niches. They don’t directly compare, even though they’re IFVs.

Yes, that’s the price you pay for a 5s reload. There is no issue here.

When compared to most MBTs in the game the Abrams has an alright amount of armor. But you can’t just look at one stat and call a tank bad. Abrams excels in firepower and mobility.

As it should. A-10 Late should be a higher BR than the A-10 Early.