Stop getting greedy ARB

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What even is this bruh?

My little rant about stupid crap in chat

We should start a communal stream… Stupid crap in stupid chat.

I did think about starting a topic on your favourite War thunder quotes. Starting with “You stole my kill”

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I just had one with the comment ‘Brainless German mains’ where we won and the guy who said it didn’t even hit over 1000 in score.

Germans WT players: We have bad vehicles and bad tanks.
Me who plays Japan and tries out Germany: You CALL this bad? I’m having some enjoyment. Hohoho marry Christmas mother fudgers :D.

Seriously though Germany doesn’t have bad vehicles it has bad players who believe the logic of “German superiority” instead of Technical superiority. Technical because your vehicles are great under experienced players but jack garbage if you people do not know how to use its cons as pros.

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It’s honestly so messed up with panthers… I rush the front, and there’s a whole group all sitting back sniping.

End up pushing up with my breach all messed and go cap and repair, get adamant a heap, and then push through the point to a heap of SP gained…

Meanwhile these guys all sitting back sniping, then start to want to move up and get sniped out because they were sitting there the whole time, letting the enemy know where they were and allowing them to get ranged lol.

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Rule to sniping never stay in one position. If you realize its compromised then make your escape.

I started with germany. Thought the vehicles were bad. Played a lot more. Realized they are actually really good. Then I switched to Italy, where everything is overtiered, underpermorfing or both, and realized what it means to actually play with vehicles that are inferior in every way to the opponents.


Good for you, you are one of the few learning. This is why we who started with minor nations don’t understand what the fuss is when people whine and complain that the US, Germany, and Russia suffer in the game.

Meanwhile, the UK, France, Japan, Italy, and Israel for technical purposes, and all the subtrees suffer a lot more. So those who are mains in these nations know actual pain since we sent actual time and effort to grind though them. There is of course people who grind though em very quickly however point still stands that Germany is not suffering by much in comparison.

Let me guess you’re playing above 8.0 & someone stole your:

• aerial kill

• bombing point

• you were chased for 40km

• half the team dove on a low alt aircraft

• all dove at an enemy/ friendly airfield for a landed aircraft?

If so that’s ARB for the past few years & it won’t likely change for everyone is extremely greedy in needing their RP/SL for the research of TT’s.

Also hey now what did us rangas do? The few I know in game are rarely greedy not like those blondes, blacks & brown haired people…

Who are you replying to?

You ya blighter, You made a post about the playerbase being greedy, I’m just asking was the reason of this post any of the dotted reasons.

I mean, they are playing to their strengths.

No, its about what is said in game chat. Crap they come out with

Then I’ll admit I’ve misread what this topic was made for (a screenshot of the chat window could’ve been helpful to convey what the issue was).

But bruh this is like the most pointless thing to make a post about, Who honestly cares what someone says in chat an just block it all out especially when it comes to the playerbases greed.

Its just me speaking half of my mind, ,