Starstreak HVM's missile visibility problem

I’ve noticed that missile visibility for the Starstreak HVM has became worse, and almost invisible to the eye, even with modifying Post-FX settings. It’s only visible when using Thermals, which is locked to Rank III Modifications. This is a problem considering Starstreak’s nature of needing direct impact rather than having proximity fuze requires you to properly lead and hit the enemy aircraft with your missile, yet you can’t really aim it that well as the missile has poor visibility to its players until they’re able to get the Thermals, via suffering through the grind or GE. I also noticed that other missiles also had a nerf of visibility, but of course it’s not as bad as the Starstreak due to how Starstreak works, is this change intended?

If so, then that would reverse the fix that the devs had for it, considering that missile visibility was one of the big problems it had earlier in the game. To mitigate it, at the very least lower the Thermals to Rank I or II, since the vehicle and the missile itself (post missile change) is quite lacking in terms of self-defense against other ground threats.

If not, please do remember fixing the missile visibility before putting it into the live server, as trying to hit anything without the thermals is practically a guessing game.

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how bad is the visibility? can you post pictures?

Bear in mind that I have already launched a missile here, let’s compare it to how clearly it looks on Thermals.

I’ll try to make a video of it so it can be seen clearly.

Here is the video:

As you can see, even against the contrasting clear blue skies, the darts were barely visible. Now leading the shot is easy since these are just subsonic AI Jet Bombers, but facing against proper players, especially if they’re Supersonics? That would be more challenging than say, actually just using basic IR SAMs like Stingers at the same BR.

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Yeah that looks like a real issue gameplay wise without thermals.

In real life, it is unlikely the starstreaks have tracers, so I’m not even sure if this is a bug.

Would you prefer it be historically accurate or have the visibility fixed?

I think the preference is that they track accurately in the first place so leading isn’t required!

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I mean, there’s no right answer really.

People who already have thermals will prefer it be historically accurate, and people without thermals will complain that they cannot see anything.

The thing is, I wouldn’t really brought it up if it weren’t for the fact that they’re basically overturning their own “fix” to a problem that they acknowledged a long time ago. Historical Accuracy wise, the devs has passed that point considering that they have done many artificial changes for the sake of game balance many times over the years already. So I’d rather they actually have its visbility fixed and make the vehicle actually playable than needing to rely on a specific module of the vehicle that you need to grind to first. Especially since UK only has two SAMs in the entire tree, and the Stormer HVM is the one you have to get first.

That is in line with this report // Issues

Thank you, as I wasn’t aware it was already reported. However, I am surprised over the fact that the missile’s tracer effect is far more brighter and visible from such perspective in the image of the bug report page rather than the vehicle’s own gunner view. Considering how recent the report is, I assume the devs are still looking into how to fix or implement it as stated from the reporter?

I don’t know how far along they might be, but if it loses its tracer affect for non IR views that would appear to be correct.