Spawn Point cost of Air needs to be tripled

Funny because → i have FJ-4B VMF that i have fulled, and i used AS.20 on french aircrafts, therefore i know excatly what it is possible to do with both missiles.

Don’t think G.91 is the only AS.20 able aircraft,… AS.20 is a French missile

Now FJ-4B was DOA, i used it in ARB with AGM load when i did unlocked it.

And same with French aircrafts → AGM Saclos are hard to aim on long range, despite being good to have that range at those BR = not efficient = dropped.

Are you kidding me?
Super Mystere B2 has 80 death and 45kill, FJ4B VMF 25 death and 36 kill, it doesn’t make sense, or can I just believe that AGM12 and AS20 carriers are really bad now( considering you don’t have A4E and G91r3, it may better but not too much) which means it almost every time you kill a ground target, you died, I am not sure you are trying to kamikaze or anyone, but this record is ridiculous.

SMB2 was mostly used as a fighter,…
FJ-4B have similar number of air kill than Ground kill,… yet you count only GK/D

Yet you feel aggressive toward a single PoV,…
I mostly used those AGM’s in Custom for fun → those games aren’t counted for.

Of course, I know it is a French missile, but the best one is not in France, don’t you believe super Mystere is better than G91s?

SMB2 at first was really far away from IRL perfs.

Today it is better.

at the time, i wished they copy pasted the FM of G.91 onto SMB2.
The engine at the time felt asthmatic as the P-80A one, despite having an afterburner.

Now you admit you use these AGMs in custom for fun, dude we are talking about the RB, the real PVP battle, there is no chance to respawn again, I count GK/D to assume your efficiency, 5 AGM per 1.5 kill. It makes me believe that gaijin needs to reduce the respawn point for CAS planes if it is the average data.

From where did i got the AGM-12B at the start of my grinding?

Did you just assumed that i Payed for modifications?

Do you assumed that i’m a premium account players ?

Out of the 11 years i played, i was into premium only for 1 year and few weeks,…
So no sorry, … i didn’t had those AGM-12 for the whole time i played and died.

You assume numbers are rights, you’re wrong.

You’re telling me that you use AGM Saclos farther away than 4km?

No sorry,… most players are much more closer, in order to not guide them and have accuracy.

The real spam of G.91 in the game, which make Gaijin to add SP cost onto Payload, most of those peoples were firing from distances of 1.5-3.5km

And i’ve seen in both interceptor, SPAAG and tanks at the time.

If you are not a premium account player or paid for modifications, this record getting worse, which means you haven’t played or just played a few times on these planes, data is the truth, that’s the key question, all we know research modifications is painful, but you record makes us hard to believe that you can draw so-called empirical conclusions.

No matter how much you weasel out of your familiarity with AS20 and AGM12 and playing in customization, it’s also completely different from PVP RB

No, back to my previous topic, g91and M247 who will win, as you said, most players will choose shot as 20 at 1.5km-3km, but m247 can lock you at over 5km and shoot you in 4km. you will never notice that unless the HE-VT is exposed. However G91 just a simple case, we can assume other cases, such as MIG23BN, SU7, and Q5C… are all up tier, and all of them have RWR, but M247 could easily kill them, so BR doesn’t matter, on the contrary, the SPAA respawn point need same as MBTs

As a fighter main in ground RB, I get to clean out enemy air fairly often. One competent fighter can lock down the airspace and cost the enemy thousands of SP.

But killing off enemy air doesn’t matter unless your team destroys 5-10 planes, because people can spawn a plane, instantly die and still get a tank if they did okay on the ground. Planes are most unfair in props where there is zero counterplay from SPAA that will stop an American fighter from making one, maybe two drops on the battlefield and killing whoever he pleases.

Therefore, spawn cost for suspended armaments should be increased, SP costs for belts and missiles need to be reworked. Most SPAA should receive a downtier especially the large cannon ones in rank II-III. They are worse than MG SPAA for killing planes, and only half-decent at killing tanks. So unless a 40mm SPAA is great at removing ground vehicles, it should be lowered in BR.

We need a mechanic that gives players a reason to spawn fighters.

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Nah you’re wrong on this,… i 'm starting to regret to say that G.91 was dominated by SPAAG becausse of what i’ve said,…

And if aircrrfats keeps being beat while having RWR, then skill issue.

I always do air domination after dropping all/most my payload though,…
At low tier or high SPAAG are mostly unplayed.

As I said, your record can’t prove that is a skill issue( RWR doesn’t mean anything), I can’t imagine a player that never had such an experience and said that was a skill issue lmao, the radar will lock those planes in shorter range(when they are diving) because it will make these plane reduce alertness, and its the basic skill for SPAA.

RWR against RADAR SPAAG means 1 thing → you’re Alerted from the possibility that one SPAAG is on the ground,…

If you can’t understand the difference between an alerted guys and some dumb rushing over the field, then i’m sorry, you don’t have my game experience/vision, and therefore can’t see what i meant before.

I’m not going to say that you’re specifically bad, but most players do not use all the tools they have at disposal,…

Yet even without RWR, i’m able to reach out even SPAAM to gun them down in 1vs1 situation,… and those have up to 4 times the range of M247,…

If you said it is in custom game, okay never mind.

People are always confident before they suffer, I like it.

A simple T16 could easily find an air target in PVP RB, whatever you are.

and I really want a player whose Jet KD close 1 to show me how to kill SPAAM far from 12km by as20 or AGM12 ( assume M247 will fire at 3km, not 4km)

I just made a 60 times 8km shot trial → use of AS.20 from 8km is not efficient
out of 60 shot from 7.5-8km range → only 1 direct kill

meanwhile out of 20 times of under 5m range shot → i got 8 kills

the reality is that you can’t appreciate the position of your AS.20 in the space at long range.

and since you don’t read:

Even in like 5.3 the air spawns were crazy - there were like 10 planes up and it was hell.

I finally had a good game in the EBR 1951 and was controlling a point doing my job on 6 kills - going to flank and finish the other tanks hiding in the back. But salty panther players spawned in like 3 bf109s and just kept shooting me over and over destroying my wheels so I couldnt drive anymore.

Like spawn points need to go up for aircraft by a lot. Most of these people got 1 or 0 kills and then got in a plane.

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I have played a whole night to test the M247 situation, I have never been killed by a G91, and AS20, even though sometimes there are 2-3 g91 in the sky at the same time, and I can even use HE-VT to shoot the AS20 to make sure my safety, yes AS20 could shot at long range, even in 5km or 6km whatever.

The main issue is, how could you directly find the SPAA, I can hide behind the buildings and wait for you. pls, don’t use such a test on foolish people, as I said again, PVP RB and custom mode are totally different things, If you really good at it, why is your RB record so bad? it doesn’t make sense, yes sometimes people are lucky to kill an AFK AA, but it is just a little part of them.

The best time for AGM12 and AS20 has been passed, I still remember when the A4E/G91R3/FJ4B reled the RB from 8.0-10.0

I told you that AGM from SACLOS type are not efficient missiles,…
Why do you think players will use non-efficient ways to kill people in game?

FFAR are more reliable and there is much more kill opportunity with those.

Of course there won’t be a single pilot using SACLOS-AGM,…