Spawn camping!

You know it’s coming. I just had to be first. OK i’ll start. spawn camping is bad, ok? if you spawn camp you are bad, ok? don’t spawn camp, ok?


… on the flip side, don’t allow anyone to get close enough to spawn camp.


I only do it when I see the other team doing it.

When I’m destroyed and I see some ennemies waiting on a spawn , I take my best gunned vehicle, reappear on that spawn and kill them all before the protection time is over ;-)


You know it’s coming. I just had to be first. OK i’ll start. spawn camping is bad, ok? if you spawn camp you are bad, ok? don’t spawn camp, ok?

I am a shameless spawn camper, but the kind who hangs around waiting for specific targets such as strike aircraft or bombers for BP tasks.

I don’t just sit there and continually drop down on everyone.

That said, my most common kills are the fighters who try to get to me, lose all their energy and stall. Which, I mean… who wouldn’t take that kill??

I often say to them when they rage at me in game chat that had they just stayed at their spawn altitude and moved on, rather than climbing to a stall, then I wouldn’t have bothered them.

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IMO its fine when the team which is spawn camping already has all of the zones and is now simply pushing the spawn


Spawn campers are those that will message you back telling you that you suck because you didn’t do anything doing the match. Yet they have no skill to play the game as intended because that would have to make them use their small minds to think of some other strategy.


Yeah don’t like those ones. The types who sit above spawn and get zero ground kills during a ground strike mission, then complain about their “noob” team not getting enough ground kills.

Also the squads who spawn camp in packs. There is one in particular whom I’m sure most are familiar with, who absolutely destroy each battle they are involved in for everyone except themselves.

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I dont like it when players just sit in the spawn the whole match and do nothing whether its Tanks, Plane or mainly ships…cough bots, cough cough…ban

Spawn camping is distasteful to many for sure, but most of the time, I see teams not spread out early in the game to cover the flanks, which is why spawn camping occurs.

On the other side, occasionally your team simply fell apart so quickly that the enemy pushed straight into your spawn without difficulty; this is more suggestive of friendly team skill issues than enemy team issues. Nonetheless, practically everyone took part in spawn camping at some point.


Spawncamping usually means 1 of two things…

  1. The enemy team all spawned at the same point and lemming rushed ahead (usually, but not always, low BR) - just cap the map/flank them.

  2. FREE KILLS. Your team just got falafelstomped. Take something with a good gun that doesn’t need to move to aim/fire. Spawn out. Don’t move. Collect as many free kills as you can. (This is one of the best/easiest ways to get God Mode at higher BR when megabrains in their premium Abrams/T-80s show you their side that anything can pen.


Going to get worse when they boost reward multiples for kills…

reminds me of a song. “i’m a loser baby, so why don’t you kill me”. But really, if the people camping are such bad players, then why don’t you kill them? You can, if you can pull yourself away from the easy quick ways to score and climb up AWAY from where they are camping and then go get them since they suck so much.

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according to gaijin, spawncamping is A-OK.

And it means you team havent defended the spawnzone good enough.

So, yeah… i guess that’s faster to write stuff like that than fixing the maps.

I can live with being bad ngl

I saw a few tank destroyers camping a spawn point so I spawned in there with my spaa, I had hoped to get around to their sides but there was one SPG on a hill that killed me after 5 seconds. This guy was clearly a professional at spawn camping and knew the protection time by instinct. I didn’t have many great vehicles at Rank II/III Great Britain, their firepower is just rubbish with the exception of the archer.

Yeah. Have to say I was irritated with that at first… but 90% of the time, a quick peek at the map and a dive away = no camper kill. Or they’ve gotten bored and decided to follow and we can actually have a fight. (Well. Aircraft dependent.)

Part of me would still kind of like to see, oh, if there’s an enemy aircraft hanging over spawn at high altitude for some time (not a bomber crossing to get to a target) = AA noticing and using that time to zero in, but… shrug don’t really care that much. Diving and maneuvering are free.

As for ground? Dunno what to say there.

I know what you mean, this game, enemy (red) , especially squads, camped for a long time …they didn’t even bother to capture the zones…

Camping 2

I am bit late to this but when it comes to spawn camping I think there should be a spawn camp modifier. (for ground - I completely agree people attempting to climb 100m/s to intercept deserve what is coming)

For instance if the spawn camper were within X meters of the enemy spawn, and they destroy a target in said spawn, they have a negative modifier applied to their match. That way even if they discontinue spawn camping the negative effects would still be such that people never do it to begin with. Like a 30-50% deduction on total SL & RP. Because let’s be honest, they do it for easy SL & RP. Especially the level 100’s in tier II spawn camping noobs.

I can’t think of anything that would deter campers more effectively. As far as people camping their own spawns to ride this, the current system could still apply. After sitting in your spawn for X amount of time, protection is no longer applied and you are considered out of the battlefield. So you move, or lose your vehicle.

It’s funny someone suggested that if campers had no skill, you should be able to turn it around. IMO, this is completely false. It isn’t hard for an unskilled player that finds themselves in an advantageous position with the element of surprise, to get kills. Add to that multiple enemies/angles of attack…

Maybe I just see it more than most, but I literally just finished a match with a lvl 100 camping our spawn in a Calliope, just raining missiles and destroying everyone. There was literally no where to go because we are spawning in open fields, and the closest cover is where it is firing from.

Admittedly, these are map design flaws, but this could be easily circumvented by something like this that discourages this type of play. I also enjoy a challenge, but there are players that take this to an extreme that is just cringe-worthy.

What protection? As soon as I respawn before I even move, I’m dead, shows that hacks are either going on or Gaijin protection is sh**t!!