Some players may have to research MORE vehicles after some tanks get foleded?! (few particular vehicles and circumstances, NOT ALL)

In the Dev server I find out that some players may have to research more vehicles to get some particular vehicle than now, and i think it can be avoided with a slight fix to the new tech tree.(by the way, most of the new changes are great)
The problem mainly happens when 2 or 3 vehicles which are in front of the particular vehicle (that players is researching) get folded (or grouped), e.g. players that already have ZBD86 can research and purchase M41D with no problem in the current game, even if they don’t have the newly added ZTS63, BUT in the Dev server, as a result of folding (grouping) ZTS63 and ZBD86, the M41D will be seen as linked to ZTS63 instead of ZBD86, so players will have to research and get ZTS63 first in order to get M41D, which may lead to breaking the pace and goal of those players.

War Thunder Screenshot 2023.09.05 -

I suggest that a light change will repair this, just count the folder as a whole, and as long as the player has at least 1 vehicle in that folder (it doesn’t matter if the player have 1st or 2nd or 3rd vehicle in that folder), players can research and get the vehicle which is linked behind the folder. In that case, players can get the vehicle that they previously researching without being interrupted by the new tech tree changes (i believe that is also what the developers want----to give players better experience).

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Checked on the Dev Server, players can still research and purchase it anyway when the text says “must research the previous vehicle”, as long as u already have 1 vehicle in the previous group/folder.

This seems inconsistent for me. The dev server counts the folder for the La-5F towards the La-5FN in the USSR air tree. However, in the US 2nd column air tree, I had researched but not purchased all of rank 4 and the P-47D-25 in rank 3. On the dev server, I cannot purchase the previously researched and newly foldered vehicles as the first vehicle in the folder is not researched (as it was previously foldered), requiring me to research the full line again. So it may depend on the extent of changes within the research line.

I hope that they clarify the finalized tech tree and how purchase/research requirements can be met before the patch is released.