So Gaijin. Take a look at your promise 2 years ago

not to mention their whole idea about D type armor is wrong. The add-on composite really shouldn’t produce the majority of the KE protection. And if you look at the c type compared to D type, the hull composite is the same which is weird and wrong. Oh also that 10mm box on the 122B+ lower hull, funniest thing ever.

No people provided photographs, physical measurement, documents etc showing the armour underneath the composite to be completely wrong (about 50%-100%), that the pin is missing from the gun breach and the gun breach should be a composite block and not hollow just to name a few. Then the leak happened and the info was all ignored and the armour got nerfed more.

by the way, a bit off topic, I know for a fact Gaijin has no idea how composite works.
That magic piece of 100mm composite on the front of the 122 provides over double the KE protection compared to it’s thickness. What kind of magic composite is this? Why isn’t every nation using this magic Swedish tech?
(I don’t mean it needs to be nerfed. The extra KE protection should be on internal composite, not the 100mm add on )

maybe we are looking at different reports then

No it doesn’t…
First off it’s angled at 51 degrees, so 100 / cos 51 = 159mm of composite. ~40mm / cos 51 of air behind that.
Then you have unknown amount of internal composite cause I don’t have datamine numbers on me.
And all that goes to around 770mm of effective protection.

Maybe, I’m looking at Wareta’s cause their’s got acknowledged.
When players know what they need they work fast.

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the internal composite is A6’s values right? so all the additional armor compared to the A6 is because of the add on. There is no way 159mm of composite counts as that much protection.

I don’t know, X-ray is copy-paste for all Leopard 2s so it can’t be used, and there’s no spot on the front of Strv 122 that allows me to determine its internal composite.

you can shoot the extra bit off
in game I mean. not in protection analysis of course