Smoke Granades deploying too close

With update 2.28 “Sons of Attlia” the game welcomes new smoke granade effects. And that pushed me to make this post. Smoke granades in the game deploy on top of the player, making user blind. If a tank of the player is immobilized, player loses ability to look around, while te smoke should obstruck vision in the direction the user deployed it, so enemies from that side have hard time hitting the player, while player can look around and prepare for incomign danger.
This problem is present on most tanks. For reference i will provide footage available in the internet.
Leopard 2A6 deploying smoke granades

And a gameplay footage of Leopard 2PL (the same smoke granade launcher)

Panzerhaubitze 2000 deploys a smoke screen

Here is a section with multiple tanks in one video.

0:00 shows T-90
0:39 shows a Leclerc
0:52 Abrams and i will compare it to the ingame M1 KVT

0:48 Bradley and Abrams
4:04 Abrams
1:18 and 1:42 Challenger 2 but i think it is using a different launcher than in game, i might be wrong, i will put ingame one for reference

It can be seen, that smoke in game obstruct vision greatly, while in real life it provides cover from one direction.

In my opinion smoke screen should be deoployed further from the tank, but that is only my point of view.

So i come here to discuss this potential change with other players, and if even anyone want this to change.


That video isn’t a very good comparison, their is obviously a lot of wind

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it is surprisingly hard to find any video of in game vechicles deploying smoke granades. Even excluding the wind, the distance is much greater than ingame. I added more sources.

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I suppose you’re right but why would they buff non Russian tanks?

This will also affect russian tanks. It will affect most tanks with smoke granade launchers.

Wait Russians get smoke grenades? Sorry I don’t play top tier much

Pretty sure that the only vehicles with realistic smoke grenade launch distances are the french Amx-13 and AML-90 tanks (EBR too since they use same turrets)

however as you can see, the smoke coverage is sub-optimal

Im moving it to the general discussions, with added poll, so more poeople can look at it. I will delete this post in a few days time.