Six Reverse, Two Forward gears?

imagine in real life, if your car had no gear in the gearbox, what would happen

All tanks have a gearbox and engine, even if it’s not “finished”

If it didn’t your game would probably instant crash when loading

well from the following line, it says the forward speed is 68.2 and the reverse is 68.1 which logically makes me deduce that the gear ratios stated to be added were added on top of the pre existing ones

oh you mean like an automatic car? or like a straight shaft one?

any car, even an “automatic” has gear

Wasn’t the gearbox just copypaste from 2a5 originally?

yes, PSO just has a different transmission from the europack

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i haven’t checked but it would make some sense, as the PSO internal same is “2a5_pso”

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there are gears in most of them yes, but not all. lets say a CVT (continuous variable transmission) found in most scooter/vespas.

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