Six Reverse, Two Forward gears?

Is this true?

Theoretically yes, however every vehicle that used the gearbox has 5 forwards and 3 reverse gears, no reason why it wouldn’t be the same for PSO.

so it is wrong?

6 + 2 is 8, and 2 + 6 is 8.
So total, it’s 8:8.

what are you trying to point out? that it doesnt matter if tanks goes 60kmh backwards and 20kmh forwards?

It goes 68 forward & reverse.
With 8:8 gear layout.
The 6 and 2 are addition, math.

just read it
forwards 68.1km/h backwards 68.2km/h


i think you are missing the point, its 6 REVERSE and 2 FORWARD.
so like 20km/h forward but 70km/h backwards.

do you know how gearshift mechanism works? do you think car with 6 reverse gears and 2 forward gears sounds okay to you?

it’s added

Sir, there’s a word at the beginning of the sentence: “Added”, meaning addition. Mathematics.

It’s 8 forward gears, and 8 reverse gears.
6 + 2, and 2 + 6.

i really dont know what engine can do 60kmh both forwards and backwards on 6 gear ratio and 2 gear ratio lol

k thank you finally some explanation… btw what u want A+ for your mathemathics knowledge lol

yes, i now see that mean that it had 2:6 and now has 8:8. BUT its not clear, it could have been added to 0:0. addition does not always mean increasing from an already existing thing it could be increasing from nothing.

I agree with you!

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It was perfectly clear as it was lol, if it was changed from 6:2 to 2:6 then oshida would’ve made note and said “removed 4 forward gears and added 4 reverse gears”, or just “changed gears from 6:2 to 2:6”

It could have been made slightly clearer by stating “gears changed from 6:2 to 8:8” but oh well

yes, but you don’t seem to see the semantic part of it.
Added can mean both “increased TO” and “increased BY”.
so “Added 6” can mean both that there now are 6 OR that there are now 6 more than what we began with making it a total of 8.

they ADDED those gears on TOP of the already existing ones

yes, i had already understood that, but its not clear by the original text.
think of it like this:
when they add the Leopard PSO, does that automatically mean that there already was one and that there are now two?
what they ment was that they increased from 2:6 to 8:8.
but it just as well could have ment that it was at 1:1 and went to 3:7 or that there were none (like not implemented) and that it went from 0:0 to 6:2