Shouldn't player participating in Dev server get some ingredient to test out vehicles?

The fact that we still needs to grind new vehicle even with 5X boost seems little wierd to me. Shouldn’t all player in dev server receive certain amount of GE/SL so that they can test out new vehicle to find bug and report it to dev?

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On dev server, you get what you got already on live server.

I don’t see any point in the Dev server if players can’t try out the new stuff due to it being locked… Just call it what it is… A Content Creator server.

It’s really easy to grind say the F-16C if you already have the F-16A, it’s designed so that you can only really test things that are around the level you play at, it’s no good to the devs if you’ve only unlocked 6.0 but during the dev server you buy your way to 12.3 and play that because you have nothing to compare it to and you’re going to be learning the basics not testing the new features. If that is you then the devs don’t actually want your feedback because it’s not worth anything to them.