Should the F20 get aim120s

Ridiculous statement, beginners can’t understand it at 12.0, it will only damage the environment of the top US Air Force, and will aim120 continue to be raised to 13.0 to damage the environment?

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yeah thats the negative, all the level 5s with spamraams

Unless gaijin is keen on downtiering this piece of garbage, it should get 120s, even then its outclassed by everything else by a huge margin.

And yes, the F-20 had mockup 120s attached to the aircraft on numerous occasions, this is enough for the 141 to get it’s missiles and the F-16AJ to get AIM-7s, there is no reason the F-20 cant be held to the same standard.

and they shouldn’t get treated differently bc of that. Don’t implement a plane, if it didn’t even test the munitions it has gotten in this game.

the only reason is to keep up the last bit of “historical accuracy” and the “realistic” in their marketing, that is left

From the other thread

This is enough for other aircraft gaijin has made, if its not for the F-20 as well, then said other aircraft should not have their ordinance.

Either everyone has access to planned equipment or nobody does, there is no in-between.

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What haha?

There are literally pictures of the F-20 with first gen AIM-120. What are you talking about?

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There’s an issue, these weapons aren’t mentioned in the aircrafts manual as far as I’m aware, as for the planned stuff, my guess is that you’re talking about the Yak-141, this wouldn’t be the same case.

If the Yak-141 gets R-77, then the F-20 absolutely deserves Aim-120A. I doubt gaijin really wants their top paying premium players to suffer in an ARH meta with only semi-actives to protect themselves…

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it was a mockup not real missile

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not first gen aim-120 but its mockup

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also if we really want to go this way f-20 was unable to use aim 7’s and 9l’s only 9j/p

What do you mean “F-20 was unable to use AIM-7”? This is straight up false.

Here’s a picture of the F-20 firing an AIM-7F Sparrow:

As for AIM-9:s however, it seems it was indeed only ever tested with AIM-9J.


Yes and?

I take it you have not read anything I’ve actually posted up to this point.

Yeah, if it was historical, so I say yes, but the people who want “balance” or it to be at a less competitive BR where it’s just better, would say no.

And, the YAK-141 was never fielded, which is fine, but it’s “what if” armament is what throws me off about it. The F-20 could use AMRAAMs, the YaK-141 didn’t even have a gun, let alone missiles.

This is an objectively gray area. But the fact is, the YaK-141 was developed in 1975, and the R-77R didn’t even see service untill 1990, and developed in the 1980s.

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The F-20 couldn’t use AMRAAMs, they were planned, but that’s it.
Also a 13.0 F-20 wouldn’t be fun.

Then that’s fine.

I mean, you could say the same for the Yak141s IRST. It was planned and ready, but never got implemented. And yet, it’s present on the in game model.


In game

There’s got to be more consistency with how vehicles are implemented. If it could have it, it should have it.


That’s consistent.
IRST doesn’t increase lethality of Yak-141 either.
It’s there for variety.
I don’t want a 13.0 F-20.

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