Shenyang J-8, The First Finback

Should be one soon (presuming it gets accepted)

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Should i make a suggestion for these?

Also btw dm me anything you want suggested for chinese aviation.

Yes, please go ahead. I was trying to do it myself for some of those but it took me ages to do the research.

But I quite believe you have got potential make 4 suggestions Shenyang J-8 series

Of the j-8 (non II) variants i would prefer most the J8-E which was a upgrade to the original airframe with better equipment, radar, and countermeasures. The J-8 initial might not be very fun to play if it’s not given a good spot in the matchmaker like the f104A or J6

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Currently the J8E (J-8IE) would perform very Similarly to the J-8B Block 02 (the one in game), so I’m a little hesitant on suggesting it, the only thing it doesn’t have is the Apsides compared to the J-8B and a slightly slower top speed, but I’ll look into it.

I mainly suggest due to the addition of an all aspect radar warning receiver, type 941 flare/chaff device and ECM which do not exist on earlier J-8s. Onboard radar is upgraded to the type JL-7A.

Not sure if u played any supersonic aircraft in air RB but rn if they are placed above a battle rating of 9.3 they are very difficult to play due to the lack of countermeasures to defeat all aspect IR missiles like the aim 9L or R60M that many aircraft at 10.3/10.0 have.

Also some photos pertaining to equipment
JL-7 radar (originally used on J-7 variants, a derived variant was made for the J-8E)
J-8E cockpit

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Thanks for the photos!, and while yes i have played air rb past 9.3 (i have top tier china) i still feel that the J-8E would be similar to the J-8B, i will still make a suggestion, and potentially the J-8 Series (Early) will be in rank 6 following the J6/J7II folder, with the J8E before the J-8B in rank 7, maybe at 10.7?

I would not mind having both I just wouldn’t play the I if it’s not in a good place or if they nerf all aspect missile carriers by raising their BR, and therefore suggest a viable alternative

Cool, thanks. I might be wrong but back when I read about the J-8 series, I read that the J-8C was the predecessor to the J-8F, which is why I think it would fit pretty good in the hole that the J-8F will make in the future.

Isn’t the j8b in game modeled wrong where its radar and weapons are worse than they are irl?

Gonna be honest, haven’t really looked into that, although it seems the one we have in game is a mix of block 01 and block 02

I always assumed it was a Block 2 (J-8B-2 is how I think it’s written) since it has the Type 208A radar. As far as I remember, that was introduced with the Block 2, but I don’t know how big the difference between the 208 and 208A would be.
Also, the SPO-10 is still incorrect, there were two bug reports about it a long time ago.


J-7E incorrect RWR
Inaccurate RWR for J-8B and J-7E

Sadly I think they took the one about the J-7E and completely ignored the one with information on the J-8B because it had “duplicate information” to the first one about the J-7E.

Yeah if I’m correct the one in game should have a PD radar along with the ability to carry pl8 (literally pictures of the exact one it’s modeled after carrying them) and with the Q-5L it should have countermeasures and all of them should be able to carry missiles as well except maybe the early model, I don’t understand why they are gimping these aircraft

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No Type 208/208A is not PD so it is correct in the game. However it should be able to carry PL-8. Some J-8B were modernized into J-8H/J-8F standards called J-8BH/J-8BF. These should have PD radars.

Every Variant of the Q-5 are capable of mounting missles, even the first prototype have K-5M, this is a topic for another time though

Yeah you are right, I went through the old forums on this topic and found a Google docs with information and source links

I would not trust a google sheet to have reliable data

It has links to the sources, that’s the main reason I included it