Shenyang J-11, J-16, J-15, History, Performance & Discussion

Yeah i already knew it.

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Nope, it says info requested still.

I mean its a lost battle unless people get reliable info and sources, we won’t get the radar and ofc the J11A cannot fire PL-12s. I’ve talked with multiple PLA watchers and they all agree that the PL-12 goes on the J11B.

I’ll be dead honest, we wait for the J11B and J10A to have some good stuff, the J11A is still gonna be fine. it remains a good missile truck and retains the good characteristics of the J11 that we have in game already.

info request back
some source suggested that it’s a original n001 upgraded by Belarus, uses R-27’s fire control channel for R-77

R-77 doesn’t use the same type of datalink as R-27. R-27 gets updates from main beam whereas R-77 is from sidelobes iirc. This doesn’t make sense.

China updated the J-8F radar to fire two simultaneous PL-12’s (which use the initial R-77 seeker)… why can’t the J-11A fire at least two R-77?

I’m not sure about this, and has no detailed information. but J-8F’s radar is not upgraded, J-8F is a new produced plane to carry PL-12, that time, PL-12 haven’t been adapted in J-10A.
but it sounds reasonable as J-11A is upgraded and modified by Belarus to fit R-77, even earlier than SU-27SM. and It’s not about beam, but about RAM and datalink antenna used to transfer data to the missile.

The beam is what sends the datalink information, it is sidelobes that provide the information.

Is there any detail information about Belarus SU-27UBM1? It could be similar.

It is bad, it can guide one missile at a time currently for unknown reasons and that it has no CAS capability. It does not match the new jets other nations are receiving. The J11A MLU should be a better option with CAS capabilities.

If we don’t have the sources to back it up then this is what we will get, there have been plenty of bug reports but almost every single one failed, the only one that got implemented was the MAW.

Do you have a screenshot of this?


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That’s a bug report I closed, not a comment I wrote.

Don’t make unfounded accusations


No the person making the issue said that, that was what i was talking about. His other issue said that the PL12 should have less Gs.

I meant the AGM183A guy who made the issue.

You replied to a post that uploaded my answer of bug report, which means you’re trying to make it appear that I said those things.

Also, he is a completely different person than the reporter, stop telling about this.

Sorry, messed up the two reports/issues cause I just looked it up on the issue website and saw this one. I replied to wrong post.

I did not mean to say you said those things or the reporter did.

Well unfortunate but exciting news nonetheless

I’m glad you closed it, it’s hilarious.