Servers are Dying

It’s my fault. I activated a 150% booster and boom. Servers blew up.

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They killed the hamster on the D point …



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“2 hours bonus for the inconvenience”

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I just bought a premium vehicle and wanted to play and this happens 💀


they better give us a day more to grind or i will be very angry


Every single time there’s an event going on. Every. Single. Time


People have been getting the weirdest connection issues:


I managed to no longer have a timeout, well I’m still waiting to join (2 min, 70+ players).

Same here …

When loading the game from the launcher, you get the usual loading screen.
When i load into the hangar, all of my vehicles are greyed out, with a notification saying I need to select a game mode.
When I click on the game modes, a blank, grey box opens up with no content.
The game chat states I am not connected.

After 5 minutes or so, the game modes load.
I select Ground RB and click “Battle”.
After 2 or 3 minutes of the matchmaker showing no players available at all in the queue, it finally snaps to 51 players.
After a further 5 minutes, I get “operation timed out”, I select “ok” and then I am reverted back to hangar with the matchmaker box still up, looking for a battle, with 51 players in queue and then the “Battle” button is coloured back in, indicating I can press it again.

it looks nice

Probably the last hamster died and they put the Snail on the Wheel.

:o the level of the crews lol, now I understand why at high levels people suck.

Today is Sunday and you have time to play a bit and bang off what a mess

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I couldn’t fly yesterday IRL (too many clouds) and now I can’t fly because the servers are crashing…
My best week of flying :D

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Even with my default crews, I still do alright and regularly get nukes.
I like the challenge of having slower tanks (compared to max crew) and slower reload.
Especially when I’m playing the biased nation.

My German lineup is max crewed.


What’s wrong with NA Servers? Why are they not responding?


Also, when will your tech team gonna answer my question regarding servers in Oceana…

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We are aware on the issue and working on solution.
Sorry for problems.