Server technical difficulties - problems resolved

If companies are going to put grinding events in the least they can do is make the servers secure, stable, and have a part good compensation package, for time lost, or people will just give up on the grind F.O.M.O only goes so far.

True, that’s what grinding this “game” does to a free-to-play person lol.


But won’t extend the entire event by 6 hrs?? As you earn coupon points simultaneously… I think that’s a tad unfair.

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Wait, they won’t extend event?

Just a distinction one? jesus

It would make my day if it happened tbh

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It still isn’t starting

Am i getting premium days extra because the game doesn’t work for two days ???

Active premium accounts have been extended for 6 hours and time for task number 6 in Call of the Dragon was extended by 6h, it should end now at 17:30 GMT

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Can you please consider extending the time for the “upgrade for coupon” as well?


thats all?

When can we play again is it like a another day away or can we maybe play today again just asking 😄?

Never mind I unplugged my xbox and now it works 😂

The coupon task time should extended aswell.

the fact that the task which requires far more time to do isn’t compensated is saying a lot lol


So the servers were down on a Sunday for 6 hours (when everyone is off work and can play) … you then decide to extend the 6 hours the following day (During UK work hours) and finish at 17:30 when everyone gets home from work … who tf thought that was a good idea?? I’m 30K in and now cant finish the task … great one props to the guy who signed that off, clearly wanted his 999GE sale


That’s what we’re saying, extending hours during working hours. They didn’t spend half a brain cell.

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Servers down again… Can’t log in at all.

Well, who would’ve guessed, servers are down again…

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Seems like there is not everything fixed right now. Massive lags, disconnects and processing times here

Down once again…

So fun to grind the event.