Server technical difficulties - problems resolved

I hope there is gonna be compensations after all or greedy snail is gonna show up?

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Will I have compensation for the psychological shock?
I activated a booster and as luck would have it it crashes, it’s going to haunt me for the rest of my life!

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How long will it take? I’m half way through Jas39

Just recently hit 80k points, getting them takes a while. A lot less common than they used to be at launch.

getting the shivers from the withdrawal, I AM NOT well. This is such a horrific event


What? No, I am a player that wants to play and is thankful that they are working on the Issue lol

RIP 1.5 mil SL i bought 25 crates just before outage and still didnt receive them

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That sucks, hope you get them

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I have a solution:
When in doubt, reboot

still in problem

I just used a golden eagle for an achievement.
There won’t be any problem, right?

What ? Don’t like this great new format?
where each message takes up 1/4 of the screen (the advantage, we don’t need glasses!).

Cool, I can no longer post, I am a “new user” registered in 2014 ! …

Any ETA?

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I can finally get out of the basement and go outside


veterans how long does it usually take servers to get back online ?

Only day that I can grind the event.


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from minutes, to hours.

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It is hardware that can crash. Same as your own pc.

Well any negative thing you post about the game is going to get locked lol .

This is getting out of hand how frequent it happens guys