Seek & Destroy: Best AAMs

I love how they say that the Magic 2 can be thrown of by flares but don’t mention it for the R-73 even though their FoVs are the same.

maybe cause Magic 2 have “shut-eye” IRCCM, but R-73 have only “decrease FOV” IRCCM

Ingame they have the exact same IRCCM

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Nuh uh that was the 9M


Thanks! i just mismemory it, i thought it have both 2 kind of irccm

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No problem, G

I know btt is mildly different, but the current reason proposed as to why its hard to implement, roll rate delay, seems off, as assuming the missile either follows a x or cross shape pattern, the missile is always at worst, 45 or 90 degrees away from any viable pattern. One thing, might be that since a aircraft could keep rolling to make the missile keep rolling and not turning though