Scouting Discussion

Here’s a visualisation of recce vehicles in Rank I.

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Some kind of “Saw a enemy!” or “Enemy position report.” and if using designate squad target “Squadmate, lookout!” or some variation would be like the Air Alert but in mini map showing for a 1 or 3 seconds the last position of a enemy that a ally reported if visible.

There is already the Squad marker, which I think is similar to what you’re talking about. You’d give a static enemy marker to Scouts, or to all vehicles?

Yes I don’t see the benefit of restricting Scouting in Rank I, other than to reduce marker spam as there are so many light tanks. From communications I’ve had with staff, the only proposal being considered is either all Rank I light tanks get Scouting, or none. Very ham-fisted but at least we know where they stand.

All vehicles.

No, it’s the squad marker, not the team marker… is that ringing a bell?

Got a question since this topic popped up in a discussion with a friend, does scouting give any RP? AFAIK the scouting and destruction by friendly of a scouted vehicle gives SLs but doesn’t seem to give RP, if so, why is that the case? Wouldn’t rewarding those actions with RP incentivize this kind of gameplay and boost teamplay?

Its all satellites now ,scouting needs a rework in the lower br