SAAF JAS-39C Technical Data and Discussion

That’s how he shoots the whole tape, not each one individually.

Whats your game tbh?


It doesn’t fire them all at once

I asked a simple question.

Where does this sudden curiosity comes from?

It doesn’t matter where it came from.You shouldn’t care about that.

Oh i do, considering your approach.

You sound like you’re trying to find an excuse to nerf BOL rails without actual source.


Why are they equated to the 26mm caliber?

BOL IR works differently to a traditional IR Decoy Flare;

Start of the release of 3 packets
First packet develops
Leading to 3 large IR clouds;


Why wouldnt they, do you have a source that indicates it shouldnt be?

How many pieces are in the package?

The rail holds 160 packets of chaff / IR decoy. Each packet gets ejected from the launcher one at a time.

The BOL countermeasures have been made less effective than other standard size countermeasures in game. This is incorrect (the chaff should be about as effective as standard chaff, and the IR packet more effective than a standard size flare), and has been reported with appropriate sources.


Each of the blue circles is a single packet, and can be released 1 packet at a time or in bursts.


I don’t know if you missed it but Gaijin already nerfed the crap out of them, they have much less burn time and luminosity even compared to small caliber flares

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I must have missed it.

They made burn time much lower, don’t remember how much, luminosity was dropped like 75% and they also made you drop twice as many flares per “pop” as before, so they effectively both made them >75% less effective and you go through them twice as fast


Flares RN


Anyone think they might accept this camo suggestion for the SAAF gripen


Do we have some sort of list that indicates where normal countermeasures are in place and where large countermeasures are in place?