SAAF JAS-39C Technical Data and Discussion

Just need to look at the tornado for an answer to that. They don’t.

It’s literal performance data and development of the Gripen discussed in good detail but ok

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I like to come here and just read the mess that happens at regular intervals. (I have nothing to add but do carry on)


I mean, somewhere you admitted in the dim and distant past, that according to all known datapoints the Gripen is correct. Fortunately or unfortunately, that probably means, unless someone goes and asks Sabb really nicely if they don’t mind handing out flight performance documents, I don’t see it changing.

Are the majority of Gripen gamers denying its probably not right? not that I can see?

At this point I don’t mind so much what happens to the Gripen for a gameplay perspective. It’s not an anircraft I enjoy flying. But I’d like it, at the very least, to be accurate to what we know to be true within reason.

A probably touched on element is the BOL rails. If they are going to be used as a balancing method for the Gripen, fine, but I’d like to see them separated out from other BOL rail users. I, having taken the Tornado F.3 out a bit, find it has been hurt really badly. Not to unplayable levels, but its certainly a lot harder to flare than it used to be.

That’s probably going to be a common theme among newer additions. I might be dumbing this down excessively, but I do feel Gaijin probably should’ve taken steps to at least prepare the game for jets like the Gripen, Su-27, and so on, and upgrade or modify the flight engine so… you aren’t stuck with aircraft behaving erratically and off realism.

I don’t know if it is, but it should (according to the BBC) be 40 deg/s.

Yes I have proof. Go watch the top gear episode with the Challenger 2 vs Range Rover. Yes I am serious about this. No, it’d be rejected as evidence as it is a video.

Not enough anyway.

I feel like one day i’m going to die of heart failure from arguing so strenously. Then again I think i’m going to die of heart failure when T-72 ERA magically absorbs my shot but then one shots me in the turret with Mango while i’m in my Chally 1, or when I see that the map I have is just urban combat, no long range sniping or flanking allowed.


Just get the top gear guys to do a grand tour on MBT’s. Richard would go american, James probably british or Italian, and Clarkson mught do french or italian. (I havent seen their taste in cars in years dont witch hunt me pls lol)

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Can imagine James in a Chally 2

Then again, Richard has been seen in a 2S3 (?), or at the very least some sort of Russian Howitzer system.

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Jeremy would be in something like the Leopard/Chally 2
Richard Abrams
and James would turn up in something like a Sherman


2S1, the TGPD skin is on warthunder skins.

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Sustained turn rate is still off currently, I was incorrect because I didn’t test it after the devs “fix”… and after the recent change it still isn’t “fixed”.

If I had a nickel for every time we got an entire thread nuked, I’d have two nickels. Which isn’t a lot, but it’s weird that it happened twice


We’re just too good. It seems Eurocanard’s just make people passionate.


God help mig23 when the EFT comes to the game people are just gonna dog pile


Honestly i’m getting more and more concerned at what sorta watchlist we are all on.


Like they did when the Tornado arrived DOA as I’ve detailed?

the difference is the EFT won’t be DOA

Like all British additions that arent DOA, calls for immediate and major nerfs will flood the forums from day 1 (probably day 1 of the dev server)

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i bet on the Dev it will either massively under perform or massively over perform no in-between

it will be a brick or instantly G lock you when you turn


There will likely be calls for nerfs or buffs from both sides, but what matters is that people have documentation that will ensure the accuracy of the new additions. I hope to see you be the first to report any overperformances if you think this is the way things will go.

and i hope you are the first to report any underperformances

I have been for many fighters, including F-14, F-15, Mirage 2000. You already know I’m right and speaking from a place of neutrality. You only agree and support when it is buffs.

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