RWR Rework is great but

I’m pretty sure the RWR is still work in progress, but I still have some question on its implementation.

  1. I receive RWR lock warning from allies which are pointing their radar in a complite opposite direction from my plane. I know they are allies because now you see which plane is locking you. I find it very confusing and not immersive at all. Is it planned to make RWR more precise?

  2. Are there going to be better sounds when you are locked and when a missile is fired on you? Right now no sound changes, and the russian RWR doesn’t even flash when a missile is fired.

If you have something else to ask I will update this.


That was the case before, it was just harder to notice because it wouldn’t say exactly what is locking you

I have been wondering about that, knowing when you’ve been shot at would be incredibly valuable for top tier and I think would help to stop the ground hugging to some extent.

That’s your RWR picking up sidelobes of their radar, that’s normal

Its early days of the mechanic, will likely be fleshed out more, in dev server updates, or following majors.


Yeah, an RWR tone for when someone is guiding a missile onto you is the big thing, you do get an ARH ping though for AIM-54s which is nice.

Overall the changes are a great step, obviously more work is needed but they’ve done a good job with the parts they’ve added already.


There should be at least one more question. Is the F16 just translated Rita? because it should work a little bit different if not.

also there is a bug that CHAFF FLARES sound is not all the time present when you’re dropping them.

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Haven’t had a chance to test it yet, but I’m pretty sure its made to be authentic to the plane.

Its just there’s a lot of sound bites to record and implement, so I imagine its still work-in-progress.

Yeah, great change so far.

For the SPO-15, its interesting they added the different Radar ID’s that aren’t in the game yet. Like Hawks, and Early Warning systems.

Wonder if that means we’ll see those radars in Air RB in the future, as AI targets.

you have exactly the same sounds as mig just in english

I’ll have to have a look when it comes to live server.

I mean…If a guy is 10km in front of me and going my same direction what “sidelobes” should I pick? lmao

The back lobe is generally a lot stronger than the side ones.

And by inverse square law, takes a fair distance before the signal is too weak for RWR’s to pick up, they’re pretty sensitive antennas.

Maybe you are right. I’m not an expert, and big part of my knoledge is coming from DCS. Now, I don’t want to debate which games made it right, all I want is a clarification if it’s a feature or a bug. I hope they make a devblog about the new RWR, explaining everything in detail.

Its intended behaviour.

The distances might not be 100% accurate.

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Yeah thats my point. RWR picking their waves is normal, thats his job, but I feel like It takes too much.
For example when one of your teammate is locking somebody, you will get a lock warning outside of the lock cone. And the lock cone waves are even more concentrate than the ones in normal search mode

I think the CHAFF FLARE sound is like that to prevent it from getting annoying when firing flares often

you will pick up a specific sidelobe called backlobe XD But i trully believe there is SOME kind of mitigation in modern jet fighters

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I still remember some of the radar leaks that RWR reacts to have been corrected.
That time it worked fine and the leak was almost invisible. However, recently it seems like the leakage has gotten worse.

The image below shows how the DEV is receiving the ranging radar emitted by its ally, Kfir Karnard.

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We should get a toggle for filtering friendly radar waves imo


Missile launch warnings would be great. As is it doesn’t seem they exist but those warnings will be needed if AMRAAM and R-77 are coming.

They exist already on top tier jets. Your RWR lock indicator flashes if the missile is launched.