RWR and Radar rework discussion

I’m wondering how many RWRs irl besides the SPO-15 show relative altitude of the enemy. Receivers are still getting tweaks, some of them even display distance now on the dev server (although with no actual scale), so I’m hoping this could make it to the game as well.

True. It’s technically already present in-game… in the American Voice Warning System. We need a direct display of approximate relative vertical position in RWRs.

Anyways, I wanna post a suggestion here too.

With automatic cycling of radar antenna disabled, we get free control over which vertical position we want to scan.

The problem is, we kinda need an indication of where the radar antenna is pointing relative to the horizon.
Either that, or show the minimum and maximum altitude that the radar scan zone will cover.

here’s an example. The radar scan is scanning from 2000m, to 4500m. Therefore, in the radar display, above and below the scan position indication there could be a min and max altitude scanned indicator :]