Russian tanks op in high tier?

is it just me or have the russian tanks in the high tier become so op since the latest update? german tanks burst so fast

I would have liked to hear some opinions on how the rest is doing.

geht es mir nur so oder sind seitdem neusten update die russischen panzer im high tier bereich so op geworden? deutsche panzer platzen so schnell

ich hätte gern mal ein paar meinungen gehört wie es dem rest so ergeht


did u try to learn to play?

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uh yes, my dear… you can pinch such comments.

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Or maybe nato players just suck. It drove me to switch.

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I’ve seen with my own eyes how a T-80 (mine) bounced 7 hits to the turret which would one-shot everything else in my hangar. No Abrams, no Merkava, no Leopard, could have survived just one of those sabots miraculously bouncing off mighty T-80 like water droplets off a duck. Realistic mode was, Parallel 38 map was.


Yeah the honestly are op as i have seen DM53 get stopped by the side ERA side on.
And then the Ammo just eating round after round without making it explode.
Non existent spalling is another thing they have.

Also on a sidenote isnt the M1A2SEP ERA supposed to stop a 30mm round to the side thought i heard something about it a while back?


I mean that for a long time, you also describe these problems here. They hold up too much too much just yesterday had a t80BVM and a t80U these two tanks shot directly into the carousel propellant charge hit nothing happened have 5 more on the t80BVM and 3 to 4 on the t80 U and that’s not a single case that happens in many situations and you can even see how the propellant charge dissolves but the tank doesn’t always explode but it happens very often as if it’s on purpose or you bounce although you’re exactly fire at the cannon’s aperture or the front fuel tank fires a dm53 and keep it up, louder and louder. Only the Russian players want to downplay it because they think it’s great. but as I said, the Russians thought so and they were hose to armor the tub, which you can’t expect from the stupid Western MBT Stupid West I also wrote something you can read through it is a bit more detailed if you want but in German you have to Google translated use many

That’s why I’ve changed my ID

Top tier is currently hopeless vs russians: T-80 and Pantsir hardcounter everything. Then a Ka-52, Mig-27 or Su-25 here and there…abandon all hope this will ever improve. Gajin probably follows an agenda with this.

However - there’s one good thing: The Pantsir, which shuts down all allied air traffic and all those op russian air assets, lead almost always to massive and uncontested ru air spawns in top tier RB.

Means, if you got to do an SPAA tasks, you can easily do it at top tier vs russians. Ofc, every match a loss, but you get at least plenty opportunities to use SPAAa to do stuff for achievements and tasks.

Beside SPAA stuff I almost never play top tier anymore. Its pointless with these literally unarmored allied tanks.


they have a op lineup, you kill a t90 it come with a t80u, you kill the u here we go bvm, you kill bvm t72b3 everything equipped with ebm60 and op armor, their ammo rack 70% of times do not explodes so side shot are not lethal, spall is absent and torque and hp of engines are extremely buffed in fact they are more mobile than any nato tank, the damage model is better let it go, a pure black hole for shells

Germany/US/Sweden all have 3 or more MBTs at rank 7.


You must be smoking something amazing if you think T-90A and B3 are more mobile than any other NATO tank.

No the T-90A and 72-B3 are quite slow but the same cant be said for T-80U/BVM

T-80U has amazing forward mobility but still lacks quite a bit in backwards mobility so that’s a limiting factor you should be aware of.

ezcept they all sucks, all ussr tanks even 1970 ones have modern spall liners (mean no spall at all) so need multiple shot to be killed, they get side shots too without problems, ammo rack often do not explode, mobility is superior to nato ones because they somehow reach top speed way faster than nato one

I have no problem with popping their turrets with one shot, regardless if it’s Russian or NATO. Maybe it is a you problem ?

T-80s have great forward mobility but they lag behind by a lot when it comes to reverse speed which is a limiting factor in some cases.
Other tanks like B3 or 90A aren’t especially fast going forwards. If you pair that with abysmal reverse speed you will see they aren’t anything worth mentioning.

And Germany have weak CAS, Sweden have weak CAS and heli, US have weak AA, while Russia got 1 additional MBT along with Pantsir, Kamov, Mi28NM and Mig27 or the coming SMT, which are all the best in their category.

I was focusing on ground units because this thread is about Russian tanks being OP.

That being said, I don’t disagree that Russia has the best CAS out there, and pairing that with a solid ground lineup can lead to massive miss-matches if they aren’t playing on their own against everyone else.

I strongly believe ground units are the least at fault for this whole situation. Other nations could get more ground units to help the cause, or even better, get Ka-52 equivalent helis (if applicable).

Then Russian got 1 additional MBT (maybe 3 if you take T80UK and UM2 into consideration) and that’s the answer