ROCAF F-16A Block 20 MLU - AIM9M

Gotta love how the regular F-16A for Belgium ends up the more capable than Taiwan’s F-16A MLU since Gaijin has entirely neglected it & is giving more advanced armament to earlier models. Its like they forget this plane, or anything ROCAF for that matter, exists (The Netz was updated with better armament two updates later, but the F-16A MLU has been untouched since it’s release in 2022)


either this or add the F-16V, it’s the only air vehicle i negleted since i started playing the chinese tech tree

They dont need to. That’s a waste of effort. Give it what is used irl instead and be done with it

F-16A was missing 30 countermeasures, so they decided to remove 30 more because they felt like it
Screenshot 2024-06-11 184513
there is absolutely no historical basis to this, block 20 has 120 cms like the f16c, and yet they nerf it anyway and still dont give aim9m… incredible


I want AIM-9P & AIM-9L replace by AIM-9P-4 & AIM-9M with max BR to 12.3 in dev server

I hope gaijin not forget and implement changes IR AAM for F-16A MLU before major update " Seek & Destroy " update to current server


As much as it would be ideal, I doubt its going to change at all. The fact they removed countermeasures is just a slap in the face and a sign of how much they care.
Also, the model has not changed, so they have just decided to disable one of the countermeasure blocks for no logical reason.


Gaijin is just forcing people to grind the new belgium’s F16, snails hope to use MLU as a stepping stone for the belgium’s F16 as J11A as Su27SM’s, thats all the value of chinaTT in gaijin’s eyes

Gaijin always gives china the short straw with missiles. They have yet to field a single domestic ir missile with irccm, and it looks that that wont change this update either. Like dang, just give us the pl5eii or something as long as its got a competitive seeker head.

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are you able to send me this document? i am trying to bug report the f-16中華民國空軍f-16a-b問答集

still 60 cm in live server ;-;