Roadmap Changes: grouping vehicles, rank changes, and improvements to premium vehicles - Dev Server Feedback


Please feel free to leave your feedback here about the grouping of vehicles, rank changes, and improvements to premium in the dev server!

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please move the WZ1001 in a folder with the ZTZ99A, it doesnt belong in the ROC/LT line


I shouldn’t need to tell you that grouping M48G2 with M48 Super is more logical than grouping M48 Super with Kpz-70. There is a problem if I know your game and vehicles more than yourself.


The Leo 2K needs to be reverted and does not deserve to be a end of tree rank VII

The suspension mod went from 11K to 27K
DM23 went from 13K to 32K
This increase is insane for this vehicle, it does not deserve such a massive increase for DM23 of all things


Unluckily, the mistakes and mess in the grouping is too much… It’s full of illogicality. So what I think is this change shoudn’t appears in the next update. At least the grouping need to follow the vehicle chassis


I think the USN fighter line changes need to be looked at, it’s complete chaos and follows no logical progression now.

I would suggest ranks 1-4 be reworked to something like this:

F2A-1 (F2A-3)

F4F-3 (F4F-4)
F4U-1A (F4U-1A USMC, F4U-1D)

F6F-5 (F6F-5N)
F4U-1C (F4U-4)

F8F-1 (F8F-1B)

At the very least keep the hellcats together in rank 3.

I also don’t think any of the F-84Fs should go up to rank 6, they’re already underwhelming, and lack the br and/or key techs to deserve rank 6.


Hard agree on F6F-5 , as someone who flies it i can tell you that its a mean plane and should be rank II along with its big brother, yes it requires a bit more skill then other US planes but its good enough for rank III and punches above its weight often.
It can only be rank II if its ordinance options gets nerfed which i don’t think should happen as it can handle itself as the initial rank III plane and it would reduce its adaptability and options it provides to people who enjoy it.

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Please, remove Rocky Pillars from dev server for jets. This map is a joke, especially when you play against 12.0!

All 4.0s should be rank 3.
Arguably all 3.7s as well.


In many cases yes many 3.7 should be rank III. Even more so in cases like the late panzer 4s.


I don’t thing the wz1001 should be in the left line as screws people over (like me).
the left line should be ROC vehicles and possible export/collab vehicles like the mbt2000.
the wz1001 should stay were it was or be foldered with the ztz99a


Hey uh, it seems like in the process of grouping things the Jaguar A and Mirage 2000D were removed from the tech tree.

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I honestly think the Milan, being derived from the Mirage should also go to Rank 7, since the 6th rank is already covered with the premium Vautours (IDF and IIN) and F84F.



The radwagen 90 being TVII is a bit of a stretch, the Type 16 is an actual TVII, and it’s got a lot of fancy stuff that the rad’s mobility alone isn’t really compensating for.

italian tt, move the new soviet AAs out of the normal line and into the hungarian side or folder it under the r3.
The R3 was and will always be more than capable to fill the gap 5.7-8.3 and those new AAs are not needed to be honest.
Also they will add two new vehicles to research that are not connected to the slightest to italian stuff, so they belong on the hungarian side.
To not get a long grind on that sub tree you can also folder it under another vehicle there, should not be a problem.

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F-84F’s are now useless after having their airspawn removed. They should be put back to rank V.

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To add to this. The weird folder choices of mixed vehicle types makes them harder to find. It presents a very unintuitive tree design.


I suggest reversing f16 folder in us tech tree, so first adf and then f16a

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If the F16s are getting foldered then why isn’t the F14s getting foldered ??

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