RNoAF Supermarine Spitfire Mk.VA - Only 94 ever made!

RNoAF Supermarine Spitfire Mk.VA

TYPE: One-seated Fighter

8x 7.7x56R Browning machineguns, 4 in each wing

Wingspan: 11.2m
Lenght: 9.1m
Ceiling: 37,000 feet
Height: 11 ft. 4.75 in.
Weight: 3077.63kg
Eigne: 1.585 Hp Rolls-Royce Merlin 45/50
Speed: 600 Km/h at 20.000 Feet
Range: Ca. 750 km

SERIAL NUMBERS - times in service and fates

There were only made 94 planes of the Mk.VA

With the exception of the first two Spitfire models, the most successful versions were actually provocative transitional solutions. The Mk.V became such a version. Actually, the Mk.III was planned as a successor to the Mk.II, but it would take time and restructure production. An attempt was therefore made to mount a more powerful Merlin 45 engine in a standard Mk.I fuselage as a temporary solution until the Mk.III could be delivered, and thus the Mk.V was born. A indicated that the planes were equipped with an A-wing with a total of 8 machine guns. Eventually, however, it was found that a combination of two 20mm cannons and four machine guns in the wings would be an effective weapon combination. This solution was called the B-wing and quickly became the standard configuration for the Mk.V. The result was that production of the Mk.VA was stopped after 94 aircraft had been built

The second Norwegian fighter squadron in England, No 332(N) squadron, was established on 15 January 1942 at Catterick airfield in Yorkshire in northern England. The department eventually received 16 spitfire Mk.VA as well as two spare aircraft. However, delivery took some time and two weeks later only 10 Spitfires and a Tiger Moth communications aircraft had arrived. The squadron was initially assigned the squadron code HG, but this was changed to AH on 1 February, so that some of the aircraft had to be repainted.

It wasn’t until 5 February that the first plane took to the wings. This was due to maintenance needs and large amounts of snow at the airport this winter. Some of the planes were also old and partly poorly maintained. The first time was spent getting to know the new planes, but from 19 March the department was considered to be operational during the day. on the same day three aircraft were transferred to Catterick forward base Thorneby. Two days later two of them, AH-F/R7022 and AH-L/X4238, were sent up on No 332(N) squadron’s first Scramble. However, the weather was so bad that the planes were called back after a few minutes, and the pilots chose to land at Catterick. Then there was battle after battle with convoy escorts and scrambles until 4 April, when the squadron was told that the planes were to be replaced with Mk.VB. The old ones were to be taken over by No 164 squadron, at Peterhead in Scotland, and No 332(N) squadron took over their new machines from No 603 squadron at the same place. The change of aircraft apparently took place in mid-April 1942



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