RNoAF Northrop RF-5A Freedom Fighter

TYPE: One-Seated photo-reconnaissance fighter

4x KS-92 cameras
2x 20mm M-39 cannons
2x Chaff - pod
2x Samovar pod
2x Aim 9E/L/N Sidewinder
7x External stations for Rockets, Bombs and Missiles up to 2000kg load

Wingspan: 7.7m
Lenght: 14.0m
Eigne: 2x General Electric J85-GE/13
Top speed: 1.488 km/h
Range: 2.000 km

Here are some extra modifications i know about

  • Increased plate thicknesses in the wings
  • De-icing possibilities, heater elements on the front part of the cockpit glass and air-intake
  • Drag chute
  • QRA (Quick Reaction Alert) This modification is uncertain but i am working on it.
  • Arresting hook/tail-hook
  • JATO (Jet Assisted Take-Off)

SERIAL NUMBERS - times in service and fates

In this pictrue we see the plane marked 105/AZ-M/105

The Northrop F-5, or the freedom fighter as it is and was called, was developed by the Northrop group, first at its own expense and risk in the mid-50s, then as a two-seat training aircraft for the USAF and from 1958 as a single-seat fighter with two engines and afterburners. The idea was that the aircraft was to be included as part of the US military aid programme. This one-seater eventually received the designation F-5A. The actual prototype for the F-5A flew for the first time on 31 July 1963. At this time, Norway considered several alternatives, where the F-5A was one of three possible. In early 1964, the choice fell on the F-5, subject to certain changes to the aircraft, primarily increased plate thicknesses in the wings and de-icing possibilities on the front part of the cockpit glass

The RF-5A was a photo-reconnaissance version of the F-5A “freedom fighter” and had camera equipment mounted in the nose section. Norway bought a total of 16 such aircraft to replace previous aircraft. All were attached to 171 squadron at Rygge airfield, and the first arrived on 8 April 1969. It carried American markings during delivery, but was quickly given Norwegian colors and marked AZ-E. Four of the planes were lost in accidents that also claimed lives. The rest was transferred to 336 squadron as a separate photo reconnaissance wing when 171 squadron was disbanded on 15 August 1979. Economic reasons and austerity were contributing factors here. Operations continued at 336 squadron until October 1983, although many of the aircraft were taken out of service already in August of the previous year. The machines were stored at Sola airport after they were phased out. Two were transferred to A/S Raufoss Ammunisjonsfabrikker in 1985 as target objects in connection with testing of the 40mm l/70 multipurpose grenade. The cockpit sections were then sold privately

One aircraft was used as an exchange object by the Norwegian Defense Museum to get a DHC-3 Otter for exhibition in Norway. Toandre is today on display at the defense museum in Bodø and at the Defense Aircraft Collection in Gardermoen. The rest of the aircraft, with one exception, were sold to the USAF in late 1987 and delivered to Turkey soon after

19.30 minutes of the F-5 freedom fighter flying in Norway, should be both models, both the photo-reconnaissance fighter and the fighter

This is an intro scene, it shows the Norwegian F-5 freedom fighters low level flying, i think this is both models

PICTRUES (different skins/paint)


rf-5a diff — ImgBB



Norli Bokhandel
Norske militærfly - Sverre Mo, Ole Bjørn Sælensminde - innbundet(9788271286873) | Adlibris Bokhandel


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