RNoAF Canadair CF-104 Starfighter

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First Plane in the Picture: 104801/801

TYPE: One-seated jet Fighter

1x 20mm M61A1 Vulcan Machinecannon
2x Double wing pylons for Bombs/Rockets
1x Centre-pylon for Bombs/Rockets

Wingspan: 6.7m
Lenght: 16.7m
Eigne: Hawker Siddeley Orenda J79-OEL-7
Speed: MACH 2.0 at 33 000 feet
Range: 3.017 km
Height: 4.1 m
Max weight: 13,171 kg
Maximum altitude: 17,700 m

SERIAL NUMBERS - times in service and fates

In the early 1970s, the Royal Canadian Air Force reduced its involvement in NATO’s standing force in Europe, where eight squadrons of Canadian-built Starfighters had participated. The aircraft, the CF-104, were built by Canadair Ltd of Montreal and were essentially similar to the F-104G, but were equipped for aerial refueling, had a Canadian-built J79-OEL-7 engine and could have a photo-pod mounted underneath the abdomen. The reduced activity in Europe led to redundant aircraft that one decided to sell.

At this time, Norway had lost many former fighters in accidents. This led to the decision to reduce the number of f5 sqvadrones and collect the remaining aircraft. The solution was that 334 squadron in Bodø would eventually give up its f5s and be equipped with CF-104s. Norway took over 19 well-used CF-104 and 3 CF-104D for NOK 35 million. The first, a Cf-104d landed in Bodø on 15 June 1973. It would take 17 months before the last one was in place. after much preparatory work on the new aircraft, 334 squadron was able to hand over the old f-5 fighters in the winter/spring of 1974. Now all the starfighters were gathered in bodø

CF-104 was easily recognizable with a dark and olive green upper side and light gray underside. in the initial phase, the aircraft were equipped as pure interceptors with only one weapon station for external cargo. In order to get the aircraft at the same level as the 331 sqvadron which has another aircraft type, an agreement was made to rebuild the aircraft in Great Britain, This led to several external weapon stations and the installation of a 20mm M61A1 cannon as well as a 360 degree radar warning. later the radar systems were also improved. 334 Squadron’s role was primarily to be air-to-ground and air-to-sea, so that 331st Squadron was mainly to take responsibility for intercepting Soviet aircraft. An important task for 334 squadron. was therefore the identification of foreign ships. two armed CF-104s were ready for takeoff at one hour’s notice around the clock. this came in addition of the 15 minute readiness that 331 Squadron maintained in its interception role

From 1 January 1981, however, 334 Squadron took over 331’s air defense role with a 15-minute alert. the reason was that 331 squadron would now convert to a new aircraft type

On 22 April 1983, the Starfighter period officially ended with a formation flight over Bodø. the last trip with CF-104 took place 5 days later, when aircraft number 800 was flown to Sola airport. CF-104 had been bought with Norwegian funds and was therefore not to be returned. several planes therefore found their way to museums in bodø and at gardermoen, sola and various schools. some have also been used as Gate Guardians at individual air stations. efforts are now being made to get one of the planes then number 637 in the air again over bodø. they are still going



CF 104D Starfighter 637 - June 1- 2018 - YouTube
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cf-104 skins — ImgBB (pictrues, will be updated multiple times when i find better pictrues)



cf-104 — ImgBB



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