Rheinmetall 130 mm Demonstrator - Future Tanknology

Since it’s not in service and is made by an Anglo-Germanic company I say both can have it.

that pic is my issue. there are no other angles making it quite hard to make a 3D model.
also that thing never really passed through system integration, i mean… its mounted on a Leopard 1 hull, prob as a carrier vehiecle like we used the M48 hulls for 2A0/1/2 turrets (see pick below)


True but it wouldnt come with the debate of which nation gets switzerland as a sub tree, because apparently thats still a hot topick.

Regarding the panzer 87-140 here is a good pic of the dart.


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i was looking for a pic of it cheers a lot mate

oh the everlasting bi**hfight… i just want these vehiecles ingame.
Yes i am a german main (because i actually served so it has some merit) but i have researched nearly ALL techtrees… i could give a rats behind about where they place them.

imo if KF-51 goes to the italian techtree cuz hungary wants to build it:

France: leclerc terminateur t4 (140mm)

Russia: object 195 (152mm)
or Objekt 292 (T-80 with 152)

USA Thumper (140mm)

Germany: Swiss RUAG Pz87-140

Italy: Hungary KF-51 (130)

UK: RBSL 130mm Demonstrator on Challanger 2 (130)

did i miss any large cal gun project?


Japan got non ;D but then again i doubt korea or japan ever built a protype or testbed with a 130mm gun or larger.

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i mean… there is this…

but its a paper tiger still… but basically a SK KF-51

yea i dount really like counting paper vehicles, if there is a wave of large caliber guns id rather only have those added that atleast had 1 or 2 prototypes.

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so i guess i didnt miss any… eyyyy go me :D

chieftain 140mm XD


well… bend me over and call me lucy… bugger :D only ever saw the static testbed :D

That is not a 140 its a 120 from even the image there “avec 120” with 120. It is to test a fitting for 140 but end of the day its a chief with a 120

Because the company has been in a consortuim partly owned by BAE for over a decade and this was part of the British modernization of the chally two, something the person suggesting this seems to have forgotten to mention.


what is more interesting is the parlimentary enquiry relating to this that mentions the testing of 140 and 150mm guns, before settling on the fact the 120mm smoothbore would be the best option, to allow nato conformity also improved munitions.

regardless this was one of two proposals for the Challenger 2 Life Extension Programme (LEP) which was shown in London in September of 2020, so to say it is anything other then RBSL trying to sell it to the British is just lying as by this point the manufacturing location had been preselected to telford iirc XD

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+1 for UK, not for Germany


I feel like this would be better for the UK. +1 for Britain, not for Germany.


Yes Rheinmetall, to Germany as it should


As long as both UK and Ger get it at the same time i would be fine with it. It is not the same situation as Cr3. Cr3 is a evolution purely for the UK, this was a joint TD. Not specified to any country, so both can have it. Unless it was a part of Cr2 LEP, i do not have any information that it was the case, but if it was then it is a no from me.


how about both get it?


I don’t mind either way but Germany does not need it, they have other options which Britain does not.

i dont think britain needs it either. the challie needs a better armour model. thats kinda it.
otherwise, both nations want it, so they both can get it cuz shared property.

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Germany does not have other options for their 130 mm except for the KF-51 Panther, which is likely much further away.