Rework/Bring back old multipathing

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Absolutely no. The game is way more realistic as it is now


What server are you playing on? I’m gonna play there every evening to show you some true realism

Your stats are ridiculous, don’t make me laugh

Fr, this new multipath makes top tier unplayable, some trees are as high as max multipath xDDD
You either die from op radar missile or crash
Top tier gameplay is just purely fox3 now

I dont know about you, but ive been having some fun ever since they lowered multipath . A tactic i found works best on most people is just flying slower and lower.
Why rush when i can go 900kmh instead of 1200, while flying treetop and slinging AMRAAMs or R77s at people who refuse to adapt to the ARH spam.

To fair the trees are something like 40 to 60 meters tall. Now there is no room to manouver at all. Multipath got lower effectife to 0 meters, so its removed.

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You’re a damn wafflehead according to everything you say. You came here from wot or something

Oh wait, XBOX?
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Xbox and still way better than you lmao

You’re not((