Republic P-47D-22-RE Thunderbolt (S/N 42-25706) with Malcolm Hood

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Republic P-47D-22-RE Thunderbolt (S/N 42-25706)

    Hello everyone, I’d like to suggest a Republic P-47D-22-RE (42-25706) with a distinctive feature - the Malcolm Hood. It is the possibly most rare field modification you would see on the P-47D Razorback. I reckon this is an excellent candidate for War Thunder as either a battle pass trophy, event, premium, or squadron aircraft. Because I am suggesting the virtually identical P-47D-22-RE (the one we already have in the game) with Malcolm Hood, there isn’t much to say, so I will explain a brief history of the Malcolm Hood modification.

Key Characteristics

  • Virtually identical to the existing P-47D-22-RE Thunderbolt
  • Malcolm Hood canopy as a field modification that provides greater visibility inside the cockpit


The first Malcolm Hood canopy originated on the Supermarine Spitfire series; it was manufactured by the British company R Malcolm & Co., hence its name. The shape of the canopy hood was bulged outward: the purpose of it was to provide improved visibility and a better view to the rear.

The idea of improved visibility was so valuable that it got adopted on North American Aviation P-51B & C Mustangs and Vought F4U Corsairs. The Luftwaffe also attempted to reproduce Malcolm Hood canopies on its later models of Fw-190 fighter.

Malcolm Hood was so popular that P-51B & C Mustangs from the Royal Air Force and US Army Air Force got retrofitted with it. However, it was indeed rare to see the Malcolm Hood canopy retrofitting on the P-47D Razorback. Pilots of the P-47D Razorback complained about the seriously limited rearward visibility in the cockpit since it was a blind spot for them in the dogfight battles, so some of them were fortunate enough to have their P-47D Razorback retrofitted with the Malcolm Hood canopy.

The rare Malcolm Hood field modification was available to be installed on almost all subvariants of the P-47D Razorback. New subvariants equipped with a new bubble canopy after the D-22-RE were known as the P-47D Bubbletop, with the lessons of improved visibility being taken into consideration.


Republic P-47D-22-RE Thunderbolt (S/N 42-25706)

Virtually identical to the current, in-game P-47D-22-RE:

General Characteristics

  • Crew: 1 (Pilot)
  • Length: 36 feet, 1 ¾ inches
  • Height: 14 feet, 8 1/16 inches
  • Span: 40 feet, 9 5/16 inches
  • Powerplant: 1x Engine, Pratt & Whitney R-2800-63
    → 2,300 hp
  • Empty Weight: 10,285 lb
  • Gross Weight: 17,500 lb


  • Speed: 432 mph at 30,000 feet
  • Rate of Climb: 1,969 feet per minute
  • Service Ceiling: 38,000 feet
  • Turn Time: 25 seconds


  • Guns

    • 8 x M2 Heavy Machine Guns (3,400 Rounds)
  • Bombs

    • 3 x 250 lb
    • 3 x 500 lb bombs
    • 2 x 1,000 lb bombs
  • Rockets

    • 6 x M8 Rockets
  • Drop Tanks

    • 75 gallon wing tank
    • 108 gallon wing tank
    • 150 gallon wing tank
    • 200 gallon belly tank

Photographs of other subvariants of P-47D with Malcolm Hood



Conclusion | Why it should be in the game

    A P-47D Razorback with Malcolm Hood canopy would be an interesting and unique addition to the P-47 Family in War Thunder. The sim players would enjoy this particular P-47D as the Malcolm Hood provides a wide view in their rear, valuable for situational awareness. A P-47D-22-RE (S/N 42-25706) with Malcolm Hood will not require a big effort to make except for a change of the canopy. I am fond of the P-51 and P-47 with Malcolm Hood, and I think this particular model is a potential candidate as either a battle pass trophy, event, premium, or squadron aircraft.


Thank you for taking the time to read my suggestion! 😃


It has already been added have it not? The F47?
They would be very similar and it would need a new plane on techtree.

If you are referring to the existing P-47D-22-RE as the F-47, yes we do have it in the game. As per my suggestion, it needs a duplicate of P-47D-22-RE with different canopy, and it could be a new potential premium aircraft.

No as in a combination of the P47 and premium F47, like just move the canopy over.
I am talking about the F47 at 4.7, the premium thing which has slightly better engine.

Oh that premium F-47 of China’s aviation tree. Well, it’s a completely different model with different performance. It is based on P-47N-25-RE for USAAF/USAF. Yes, I get the premium thing you talked about.

Btw, the canopy isn’t the same. F-47 has a bubble top canopy, and I’m suggesting a Malcom Hood canopy.