Remove T-90M's anti-spall liners and also not add it for other tanks

Adding these is not a good choice for everyone. Make everyone sniping enemy’s crew is absolutely suffering, so remove T-90M’s anti-spall liners, and ignore the suggestions about adding anti-spall liners for other tanks is good for everyone.
YES, I know T-90M is like a cool T-72B3 in game if without anti-spall liners. So, is keep the anti-spall liners around the ammo acceptable for T-90m to make it different from T-72B3. Also, same for mbts with low survivability, like these chinese Type 99A and VT-4. This can reduce the explotion rate for their ammo, as what you see in T-80 series, and make these poor protected mbts more balanced.

  • Remove all T-90M’s anti-spall liners and never consider it for any tanks.
  • Remove most anti-spall liners but keep the part around auto loader, and add this for some others(Like type 99A and VT-4) for balance
  • Keep all anti-spall liners for T-90M
  • Keep all anti-spall liners for T-90M, and add it for everyone
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As long as they stay in the correct places, they are fine on the T-90M, but all NATO tanks that have them should get them, too.

It is ridiculous that they have been denied their protection until now, but now there is no longer an excuse to withhold them.

Either they all get it or the T-90M must lose it, too.


Yes, but making everyone suffering is not a good choice, so it should be removed. But in other way, as a 11.7 MBT, it deserve something better than T-72B3, that’s also what I want to discussion.

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Its right that all MBTs should have anti-spall liners if they have.

But i don’t think Gaijin will update every MBT’s armor models anytime soon since they are lazy af as we saw how they work during past years.

Just remove them all unless they’ll add others too in next update.

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Definitely though if we’re getting a noticeable increase capability then the Br at this point should be much much higher than just 11.7. at least 13.0 at this point.
Air is a different conversation but that should also be at 14.0 at this point. Come on F-16’s, F-15’s, MiG-29’s, and Su-27’s able to fight Su-25’s, Tornado IDS’s, F-4’s, F-104’s etc.


My idea is: add a little more protection for their ammo for balance, not like current T-90M, something like T-80 series(6mm armor around ammo). As I know, many player complain about Type 99A’s poor survivability, so will be VT-4, I think this is fair. Also for T-90M, as a 11.7 mbt, it deserve something better than T-72B3(but definitely not what gaijin give)