Remove R-27ER/ET's in exchange for R-73s for both MiG-29 (9.12) and MiG-29 (9.13)

It depends hwo defensive you are of course but usually at least after the first half of teh game or earlier you will be able to make good use of ER.

No, stop advocating for more grindy shit in a game that’s already plagued with it

Well if you don’t want an extra option than don’t grind it. That’s why I suggested foldering it ¯\ (ツ)

This would massively underperform compared to aircraft such as the F-16A at the same BR.


You dont like idea of playing R-60s equipped Mig-29 against things like Gripens?

The ADF is likely going up to 12.3 since it should be getting the AMRAAM. And the only F-16s that would stay at the same BR if this does happen is the Normal A variants with just the 6 9Ls and no radar missile capabilities.