Remove naval challenges

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Stop enjoying things I dont like!!!


I like naval and improvements are always welcome


I think it’s the player’s preference whether they like it or not.
I want you to know that I truly love Naval (Coastal), which 80% of the player base doesn’t even look at, and I hate Ground the most, which most players play, and the BP tasks on Ground have always been a pain for me.

Well… note that to each his own!


Okay, You don’t like naval but I hate tanks. Maybe, they should remove tank challenge …

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Oh yes, and remove tanks and planes too.
I do more naval tasks than tank tasks. So, please. Close your mouth.

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Oh yeah coastal is hella fun


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Why must you people always sound like a broken record every BP you lot keep crying about NF tasks, Yet it’s never anyone crying for AF or GF tasks.

You could just except fate and play the mode like I do for GF tasks even through I personally hate GF or OR this is a very novel idea so listen closely:


Pay no attention to it and move onto the next tasks or you just pay to skip it as well besides with enough daily logins you can even skip most of them.

Either way they’re here to stay and you’ll need to life with them ntm these tasks are usually the least amount with GF & AF having more tasks then NF.

Be lucky most tasks are piss weak easy (I actually wish they were harder) or they don’t make you use helicopters.

Better yet why not complain about Rank based tasks especially since the current BP needs to top rank machines to complete which many don’t have or ask for a reduction to the rank requirements of tasks like events prior to 2.01 used to have for Rank II machinery.

Same what gave you the impression we care about your opinion on Naval tasks when you created this thread.


I myself do not like naval, however, I feel like you are being harsh on naval, as it is fun for some players and just because you dont want to play it, maybe other people might want to do so.
Everyone has their own opinions but it shouldn’t be taken to the point that they go out to propose removing an entire mechanic of the game.


You replied.

They dont need remove them just make it optonial and not force people play ships.

BP tasks are definitely like 60% ground 30% air and 10% or less naval, so imagine this for ship enjoyers… You guys just got a light coastal challenge this time, you had rank 3 german coastal you could complete all in like an hour for sure.

I am pretty sure this was not the most complicated or time consuming tasks you did even this season. I think some of you guys just feel that way bcz you think it is a forced agony but for the sake of your mental health, just skip it.


Hear me out, could also just make every BP task have an option for naval to complete it, an option for tanks to complete it, annd an option for planes to complete it.

So you can just play the mode/modes you like, and dont have to be forced to play whichever mode you dont like, now we are just down to a type of vehicle in the mode you like, which would make it much more bearable.

After, its a marketing way. If you cannot reach lvl 125 or 75, you are forced to buy another BP or you will buy it into market.
But no, if there is an option to change mode, to complete it, i want option as ship to complet everything too.

I dont really like playing tanks and planes now.

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Please remove tank challenges. I hate playing tanks.
Please remove plane challenges. I hate playing planes.
Please remove tractor challenges. I hate Farming Simulator.
Please remove car challenges. I hate F1 racing.

Nuff said…

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Thats what i was saying. Each challenge has a way to complete it in naval battles, or tanks or planes. Doesnt matter what mode you play (might have to use a specific vehicle like torpedo boat, but you are not forced to use a plane or tank). That would make it better for all players.

But who are we kidding, its about money like always. The more modes you play/have to grind, the more money you are likely to spend. thats it

Money is what make the game alive.
Without money, no warthunder, no games

ofc its about making money, but war thunder is atrocious with how its monitized. Look at league of legends. Only thing that you buy with money is skins (yes you can pay for champions, but it takes so little time to unlock a new champ if you compare it to how long it takes to unlock a vehicle in warthunder, and thats not even mentioning spading it or maxing out the crew).
Everything in war thunder can be bought with real money, and its prizes are ridiculous. 70 euro for a copy paste plane.
Legit i have had 3 ppl in the last 2 weeks ask me about starting war thunder. All i can say is “i wouldnt recommend it, unless you want to put in 1000+ hours to reach the end of a SINGLE tree in a nation. Or unless you feel like spending alot of money”