Remove HEATFS/Missiles from WW2 BRs

I won’t, because I’m right. Even in your own screenshots you used to “disprove” me, you died at least once. Again, proving that the stats are inflated because the M-51 can be spawned in multiple times lmao.


Note how certain players go full ham on ALL other nation vehicles. We all know it and has always happened. It is almost as if they are good players (with a lot of experience compared to the average you find at these BRs) using OK vehicles versus terrible players and then use it as almost pointless anecdotal images.

If you note that result is similar to the Player’s stats with almost ANY tank at that BR range. So this means all other tanks played must go up by at least 0.7 too? Which includes almost every German vehicle at this BR range… so due to THIS player doing well in them they MUST go up to the same BRs as they are requesting HEAT-FS/ATGM vehicles since THEY are doing well in them. But no, not them, they are fine if they perform well at x BR, it is OTHERS that must be altered.

Certain players have a huge chip on their shoulder about NATIONS in WT and it is clear their favouring of a particular nation always comes into the debates. Sad as the rest of us want actual balance, not extremists crying out every time they don’t get their way.

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I just think there’s a middle ground between 100% historical matchmaking and making a tank face an opponent significantly more capable decades newer and a generation more modern.

Literally just shoot it, it’s made of paper. Just like trying to fight Jagdtigers in a 5.7 sherman 76, the key is seeing the enemy first and using what you have to not get owned.


That’s what light tanks are for. We can’t be expected to flank and hide large heavy tanks because theres some sniper from the 60s in a lobby full of 1943 tanks.

Its rather quite the opposite. Its like trying to flank a 76 Sherman with a Jagdtiger, except that Sherman has a 8.0 gun.


Its rather quite the opposite. Its like trying to flank a 76 Sherman with a Jagdtiger, except that Sherman has a 8.0 gun.

Why would you need to flank a M-51 with a Jagdtiger?

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Because “muh penetration”.

Because a Sherman cast hull of 63.5mm is just apparently way too strong for a German anti-tank 128mm Pz.Gr. shell with more than 250mm+ of point-blank flat penetration. XD


The point here is:

Jagdtiger can penetrate M-51 frontally.
M-51 can penetrate Jagdtiger frontally.

M-51 reloads more than twice as fast.
M-51 is 35 tons lighter.
M-51 accelerates faster.
M-51 drives faster.
M-51 is more agile.
M-51 has a full turret.
M-51’s gun traverses faster.

And this is what happens when people think that “balance=everyone can pen everyone with the same ease” while ignoring all of the numerous other factors that come into play.


The gun handling of the M-51 is terrible though. Combined with bad armor, it is not a good vehicle at all. In many head to head situations, other tanks will be able to shoot at it first. I would rather use the howitzers found at its BR since their killing potential is higher.


Even if the M-51 shoots the Jagdtiger first, nine times out of ten its not going to one shot.

  • If you shoot the driver, you might get the gunner, and there’s zero chance you’ll get the commander.
  • If you get the gunner, you get the commander. same goes for the machine gunner’s side: machine gunner & commander or commander and loader.
  • Of course bringing more then 8 shells runs the risk of an ammo rack, but the HEAT shell on the M-51 isn’t very good at igniting ammunition in my experience.
  • Even better, the gun mantlet on the Jagdtiger will stop the HEAT round.

Point being: The M-51 will only win if it successfully hits: The Driver, The Gunner, Ammunition or The Gun

  • The M-51, on the other hand, will get one shot no matter what in this confrontation. Its not even debatable. The PzGr. and PzGr 43 shells will over pressure the M-51 on contact, and even the gun mantlet on the M-51 won’t stand a chance.

Point Being: The Jagdtiger will only win if it successfully hits: The M-51

  • if you want to bring up flanking the Jagdtiger, there isn’t even a point. Almost anything at the br will kill a Jagdtiger at its flank, or at the very least cripple it beyond saving.

I have supplied convenient images for you to observe


The M51 will clearly win with the power of sherman bias


The difference missed is that everything

[quote=“SPANISH_AVENGER, post:190, topic:92234”] can penetrate M-51 frontally.

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