Remove AA vehicels with missiles from any BR where they can face planes which doesn't have flares

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Most have great irccm so flares wont do much if anything


This is great, finally an “SPAA is overpowered” post instead of a “CAS is overpowered” post. Can’t wait to see how that goes.

The Imp Chaparral, a 9.3 missile SPAA which started to be used in 1968 faces the Mig-19PT, a 9.3 jet fighter (that carries IR missiles itself) which was still being flown in 1969. Where is the problem here? The jet that doesn’t have flares ALSO has IR missiles. That kind of ruins your argument if you ask me.

Welcome to the age where SPAA can counter aircraft much more effectively than before. It isn’t impossible. You just need to implement proper strategies to avoid missiles. As much as this isn’t what you want to hear, it seems to be what you need to hear.


Wow, supportieve CAS player in forum. I bet you play CAS/helicopter and lost against spaa players with missiles because these are the only weapons against CAS/heli players who spam after few kills. I see experience CAS players dodge missiles by flying do counter missiles. You should

Generally it seems to be the opposite and IRCCM doesn’t do shit, it’s all just up to the missile’s performance

If war thunder wants to be realistic we would have Tiger 1 on 3.3 so thats not an argument. I tried many ways to avoid missiles as I said I can dodge the 1 or 2 but then my energie is out and I’m not able to do anything. If u really think I didn’t tried to watch youtube vids, try different tactics, etc. I wouldn’t have this proplem but what am I supposed to do? For example I want to to CAS with my G91Y I spawn in the enemy AA already knows that A plane is here I fly low doesn’t help cuz they are IR missiles. I try to dodge them out of energie the next missile gets me. May u missunderstand something cuz I don’t talk about getting 1 kill or something like this I want to survive and enjoy the game but thats not possible. And get more kills cuz if CAS isn’t made for surviving long than they should lower the repair costs or better the amount of spawn points!

If U can read U should have understand that I said that I can dodge missile but not if I get 5 missiles sended in a row without a break. And no i don’t play Heli just Close Air Support planes

I mean U can dodge them with some good flareing. But without u just need to pray that u don’t get 6 missiles sended in a row without a break

Skill issue. Fly low and careful and you wont be shot.

Well… there is 1 flaw to that logic. For example Quite a few 9.7s dont have CMs. 9.7s could face SPAA like the Stormer. The Starstreaks are beam riders and dont care whether or not you have CMs.

Can u read??? I said flying low doesn’t help cuz they have fcking IR missiles. I did that all over again also tried to flank them no the SPAA know where I be and it doesn’t matter if u fly low or high. I guess u never played CAS on any BR that gets up to 9.7

Yeah I know but I’m talking about most low tier AA missiles with IR head. CAS at top tier is just completly useless cuz a Pantsir will always camp your ass of

Perhaps. I dont really have much experience as Britain is lacking an IR SAM and thats not a BR i really play ordinarily. But i think its fine. But hoping in June aircraft can move around a little more freely and so they can decompress better

Yeah Playing planes on the higer BR is just a waste of money and time and spawn points. Aslong as all the enemy planes spawn when u don’t use AA everything is fine XD

It helps if you can do it properly lol

You expect people would not spawn spaa after losing they second tank. You will start encounter spaa spam like strela and gepard 1a2 by hearing your story.

But there is no time where no spaa which is able to spam missiels is not in the match. Sometimes u are lucky but this sometime is like every 20 matches?

The First thing I do is flying low

The Tiger 1 wouldn’t be 3.3 if it was a realistic game, but that is off topic…

Your G.91Y (a plane debuted in 1966) would not be seperated from missile SPAA if there was decompression. Especially true for the Y variant because it is a modernization with better engines, better air to ground weapons, and better overall performance than the other G.91s. I am an air main myself, and I know exactly what you are talking about, and I can tell you that you need a change in tactics. If you fly low and use terrian/buildings as cover and stay away from the spawn areas you will be fine. Missile SPAA take time to lock targets and the ones that the G.91Y is paired with don’t have search radars, like the Iimp Chaparral. Imagine using boom and zoom tactics to strike ground targets. Pick a good approach, gain your speed, hit your target, and get out of there without bleeding energy. If you do it with rockets or the Nords then you should be able to be successful. You can’t loiter around like it’s 4.0 anymore. SPAA are starting to gain an advantage, and you need to adapt.

It is very possible, with aircraft like the A-4E/Ayit, F-16C, etc, which have guided air to ground weapons.

Otherwise, nothing to see here - just SPAA doing it’s job.