Removal of multipathing causing massive br compression

You know that everyone rushing around to get a single kill honestly nets a negative time investment? Then the people who play defensively and end with three kills are the only ones coming out on top…

It’s about the only successful strategy in 16v16 jets anyways. Otherwise you are just bait for a furball.

That’s only if you somehow get within ir missile range. Much more likely you’ll just shot down because you run out of countermeasures.

Just had a thought, you do know that without the removal or reduction of Multipathing it will INCREASE BR Compression?

As it stands, Aircraft like the F4F-ICE, Tornado F3 Late, J-8, AV-8B+. Even the Flanker and F-15C are not well suited to the IR dogfighting Meta at top tier. The weakest of them are going to have to go down in BR if their primary weapon is disabled simply by flying low. Sea Harrier FA2 is already over BR-ed at 12.3. if its primary weapon is nerfed too much by Multipathing, then 12.0 or maybe even 11.7 is required instead.

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Sure there’s a few planes, mostly ones being added this update, that will be positively affected, but way more will be negatively affected, especially ones that we already have and any stock planes with only two ir missiles and no chaff. On the dev server it’s not an issue cause there’s ai planes to farm points off of but in a 16v16 stock grinding will be near impossible.

Stock issues are non-starter arguments. Just like how at one point in time flares werent stock. Maybe its time for chaff to be stock. And as spading vheicles is only a small part of the game (yes a deeply frustrating one, but nonetheless small) focus should be on spaded vs spaded combat for multipathing changes.

Other buffs for the stock grind exist. Maybe its time for IRCCM missiles as standard for all aircraft with the possiblity of SARH stock as well.

Stock grinds sucking is nothing new. It exists at every BR, in every vehicle type. Its a money making scheme by Gaijin. It designed to suck so you spend money on GE to skip it or at least partially skip it.

(and to be honest. the stock grind would suck at top tier regardless of whether MP was removed entirely or increased significantly. A Tornado F3 or Sea Harrier FA2 or basically 99% of top tier aircraft. with only 2x non-IRCCM IR missiles vs a Gripen or F-16C slinging 6x Aim-9M, is a pretty one sided fight anyway, Even without ARH in the mix)


How is it corrected

Reduced from 100m to 50m

Yeah how is that a correction

Because for most missiles in game, they are effective far lower than even 50m. And for inverse monopulse seekers they effectively negate multipathings effects on guidance error entirely.

Effect eh multipath isn’t just X higt it happens at

These changes make it no more accurate and aint need with the gamemodes available

BR comp. is its own problem, they both need fixes, instead of one covering the other.

So you’re fine with idiots being able to just yolo straight at people and force dogfights when all they gave to do is sit below a 100m safety blanket. I don’t see how that’s fun gameplay

My guy you have a IR missiles

In this 16V16 game mode it won’t be good


My guy, you have your own ARH missiles. The only people this change hurts is people too stupid to adapt


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Adapt in small maps whilr having 5 or more ARH coming at you while being in a plane with the turn radius of a battle ship

There is no counterplay

The issue is there will be too many fox 3s to deal with at once

“You have your own” this whole thread is about the planes that don’t get them


When your argument is “the other person is not happy,” and you portray them as crybabies, your argument is invalid. It is also extremely easy to twist that to represent pro multipathing changes people.

Figure out why people support and don’t support the multipathing changes, and come to your conclusion based off of that.

Why can’t people cope with the fact someone disagree with them.


I don’t care if people disagree with me. This change supports the gameplay I want to see.