Removal of multipathing causing massive br compression

There are planes that go all the way up to 12.3 that don’t get radar missiles, and they rely on multipathing to be competitive, there’s also planes that get few radar missiles or bad radar missiles that also rely on multipathing to be competitive. If you look at top tier as an f15c vs an su27sm removing multipathing makes sense, but if you look at it as 16v16 you realize that some planes would end up flying defensively the whole game because the maps are flat so they can’t get close enough to get their short range ir missiles off. This is especially annoying for the 5 tech tree planes and 2 premiums (though I don’t believe premiums should get arh missiles) that carried the missiles irl but are simply not getting them because gaijin says so. The best analogy I can give is a 9.0 plane with no flares or missiles getting uptiered against a10’s with aim9L’s, except the a10’s are faster than you and have 8 missiles instead of 2.


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Spamraam enjoyer?

Me when people whine about multipathing being slightly corrected



Multipathing is not removed.

Reduced to the point that splash damage and proxy fuses make it irrelevant if you want it to be ultra specific.

Learn to defend from ARH/SARH. BVR finally becomes viable and flying low aint instawin ticket anymore.


thank god the ground hugging is finally gone


Gaijin specifically set the code up in a way where they now can tune each individual missile. I expect them to do this at some point.

Reduction, not removal of multipath is the best change we’ve seen in years and it needs to stay, at least for top-tier.


see the issue is, they cant make everyone happy. Someone some way will always find a way to be upset with the current or future releases. So they are trying to find middle ground to make a majority happy.

I feel like you didn’t read a word of what I posted

Multipathing should work as close to reality as possible, then BRs can be adjusted from there.


Whats funny is reducing it to only 50 meters was pretty kind compared to what they could have done.

They could have made it realistic and reduced it further, IE: 25 meters for early missiles and basically nothing for anything 7M/R-27R or newer.

Reduction and adjustment on an missile by missile basis is what is realistic. The people asking for it to be removed are just as dumb as the current flood of straight linus mud hoovers who are coping here on the forums.

Tbh. they should make it more realistic. If certain people don’t like it, Arcade mode exists for a reason lol.


The issue is they cant.

Look at the (I forgor what war), but aircraft that could do BVR absolutely dominate WVR aircraft to a mind-boggling extent IRL. Its to a point that if it was realistic, anything reliant on IR would be DOA completely.

In order for it to be viable we would need a hard BR cap at AMRAAM introduction and importantly multipathing as it currently exists below that. We would also need everything above that BR to get stock Fox-3s.

It is the biggest technology shift ingame, quite frankly.

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Just going to have to learn what chaff is.


Its not that simple. They can chaff off the missile, maybe- but they cant respond or do anything about it.

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Telling the world of your short game. That’s what’s going on here.

Flying defensively is a bad thing? That’s how the world works, the problem is everyone in this game thinks they are Top Gun Maverick.

So finally players would have to fly intelligently.

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You do know that dodging missiles doesn’t give you any points right? Spending the entire match flying defensively nets you zero research.